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The Man who Couldn't Lose

A myth submitted to the site by Tiana

The church of England, England

There was once a man who lived in England near the church of England. He was a very lucky man. He had a dazzling wife and two beautiful children. He had a very happy life.

One Sunday morning, the English man left for church. On his way he bumped into an old friend. “Why hello my friend, long time no see! Would you like to go to the pub?” Asked his friend. Forgetting about church he agreed. Soon they were there. The English man’s friend taught him to play poker. So they played for some money. Surprisingly, the English man won. The man’s friend offered to play again so he can win his money back. But he just lost some more. Later the man’s friend took him to play against more challenging players. From then and on he missed church to gamble. But even worldwide, he still won. It was almost like he couldn’t lose.

News spread about him and he played worldwide, but still won whoever he played with. Soon nobody played with him. He could not take any longer, so one day he disguised himself. However, when the men saw his fingers doing a little dance with the cards they sent him straight out. He was too desperate. Sundays later he went to church, knowing he had nothing else to do. He sat beside the coffins and sulked. “We will play with you,” said three corpses as they sat up, “But not for money, this this time it is for… your life!” The English man was scared but he wanted to risk it, after all, he couldn’t lose.

They played and played, till it came down to the last game. “Show me your cards.” Demanded the corpse. The English man gulped and put down his cards. “I have two pairs, two kings, and two queens…” he said. The corpses looked in sadness. “We also have two pairs.” They said. The English man smiled in such relief. He laughed, “Well only a full house beats two pairs so I win!” He got up and skipped away joyfully clapping his hands.
“Wait,” yelled the corpses, “I still want to show you my cards, two aces and two aces!”
The English man looked back, “but that’s a full house!” he gasped in horror. He fell lifelessly to the floor. The next day the church found him lying there. They put him into the coffin of one of the corpses coffins. But they could never get the cards out of his cold, dead hands.

By Tiana
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