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The Gifts of Life

A myth submitted to the site by Amy

The Wild

Have you ever wondered how we came to be? And what everything was made of? And why animals are different from us?
Well, this is a myth about all the unique and wonderful gifts we have, and our animals.

A long, long time ago, there once lived a monster. A terrible monster, by the name of the Devil. He raged all day, and the only times he laughed was when he brought a new victim into the depths of his kingdom, Hell. But, his victims only lost their hearts, not their brains. They were animals. The Devil told them not to go into the forbidden room, that had their brains running. "Why shouldn't we go there?" Asked on of them.
"The Devil sounded serious," Whispered another.
"Who cares? We are already dead! Let's go!" Shouted one with glee. So, they all went into the forbidden room. One of them stood up bravely.
"I'll open the door," He said. So, true to his word, he turned the knob that was engulfed in flames.

And what a sight to behold! The only room with pure light, and good warmth. In the middle, tied to a pole, was a beautiful phoenix. It looked up with its' golden sad, dark eyes. Its' gold plumage shone like rays of heaven, but the animals were not blinded by the light. They were attracted by light.
"Who are you?" Whispered the phoenix.
"We are the victims of the Devil," answered one animal.
"Do you want us to free you?" Queried an animal.
"Of course," Replied the phoenix. The animals bit and gnawed on the ropes, but it won't budge. The rope was unusual. It was silver, and heavy. One animal, known as the bear to us nowdays, shook his paws, and lifted them up in the air, and struck a blow on the chains. The chains scattered into pieces, and the phoenix was free.
"Oh, thank you so much!" Gushed the Phoenix, "Heaven and Earth owes you so much."
"Heaven?" Asked the bear.
"Earth?" Questioned the mouse.
"Heaven and Earth," the Phoenix stated firmly, "I am God's most trusted adviser. I am seated by the right hand of the Father, and I will soon help nurture his son, that will soon go out in the world. Shall I free you from the slavery of the Devil?"
"Oh yes, Oh yes!" The animals chorused.
So, the Phoenix whisked them away to heaven.

"Would you like to roam the Earth again?"
"Oh, yes!" Gasped the bear.
"Well, I will let you, but I will also change your form," replied the Phoenix.
"Why?" The animals chorused.
"There are too many animals on this Earth," Phoenix answered, "It is time for the Human kingdom to settle. They shall look after the animal kingdom, and be of equal value."
"Even me?" Squeaked a mouse.
"Even me?" Asked a surprised ant.
"Smallest works the hardest," smiled the Phoenix. With that, it waved its' feather, and turned them into a form. They had two arms, legs, and hair, a face, and eyes and a small mouth. They had so many features! But most of all, they all looked different and unique. Even the two twin possums looked different.
"I quite like this form," sighed the Mouse contentedly.
"That is good," said the Phoenix.
The Phoenix blew into their faces, and they shifted and blurred. They returned to Earth.
"Hey!" Shouted the mouse.
"I never thought you'd make much noise!" Laughed the elephant.
"Freedom!" They chorused again and again. They ran around in a frenzy.

"What should we now?" asked one.
"We should grow the crops and wheat," suggested the bear.
"We should capture the other animals," suggested the mouse.
"We should do both," stated the owl firmly, " But we should choose a good place to grow the crops and wheat, and we should only capture when needed. We should have a leader. Who's leading?"
"You!" They all chorused except Owl.
"Me?" He asked, surprised.
"You are wise," They said, "We trust you, and you are the eldest."
"Why thank you!" Whispered the owl in gratitude.

Meanwhile, the Devil himself discovered that his victims and prisoner have escaped. He exploded in anger, and vented it on his servants. He lashed in fury, and threw all the pots, and stamped his foot on the floor.
"I will get revenge," He seethed, "I will make all animals dumb and stupid! There would be predators, there will be no peace!"
He waved his arm, and he got his wish.
The animals above stopped speaking, and they started attacking each other.
The new humans, however, watched the scene before their eyes.
"This is terrible!" Wailed the Bear, "And it is all our fault!"
"We can separate the animals," The Owl suggested.
And they did just that. They pushed the angry, wild tigers and other predators into the jungle, they tamed some useful animals, like dogs, wolves and cats, and they pushed the marine animals back into the ocean.
"It is good being a human," sighed the mouse again.
"I know," purred the cat, "If I was still a cat, I would still eat you! How crazy is that, ol' friend?"
They started laughing.

That is how human beings turned to be, and how we assume that the owl is wise, and how we have how personalities. You see, the bird that turned into a human went off to sing, the cat went off to be a spy and police, and the mouse was small and timid, but very friendly, the owl became a leader, the bear became a warrior, and so on. The Devil still rages down below, and God is still giving great gifts to us humans. The Devil, though, is still claiming other people for his own, but then again, that is another Myth to hear another day...

By Amy
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