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King Makarus and the Rhinotaur.

A myth submitted to the site by Henry Edwards

Rome, Rome

Once in Rome 5000 years ago there stood a enormous palace. In that palace there lived an Emperor called King Makarus. King Makarus was a very powerful man, he was also very rich, though King Makarus still wanted more gold and diamonds so he fought lots of countries to get more money. King Makarus was always sending out men to conquer other countries but that was actually the wrong thing to do.

Because he did that he had hardly any men left so King Makarus asked his professor to tell him about a legendary beast that would give him lots of gold. His professor told him about the rhinotaur. He told him it was a legendary beast with three heads shaped like rhino heads,the body of a rhino, the tail of an ankylosaurus and the legs and feet of a cheetah. His cheetah like feet allowed him to run really fast and take the weight of his huge body. While his huge heads allowed him to attack multiple victims at once, also his powerful tail and horns made his attack extremely deadly and dangerous.

King Makarus set out almost at once to find the beast. He took ten thousand men with him, the last in the kingdom and then King Makarus set out for the extremely hot sandy desert like plains of The Sahara desert. On his way he had to go through his enemies country, Gaul. In this gruesome battle he tragically lost 5,000 but he won the battle and carried on his dangerous journey with only half of his men left. Once King Makarus got onto the Sahara he started to run out of supplies and water. Many men died on the journey over the rocky hot plains until they at last found a cave, the home of the legendary Rhinotaur. In there they had to cross an extrememly rushing river. It was good news because they could fill up with supplies, water and fish from the river. Then they built a bridge with rocks from the cave to cross the river.

They carried on until they came to the most wierdest thing possible, a huge iron portcullis.
"Hang on!" King Makarus said "how could this get here" he continued on to the centurion.
The solidier replied "i have ni idead, nobody could go down here", then one of his men yelled out from behind his centurion. "I know, someone has tamed the rhinotaur!" "Excellent work" the centurion said to the soldier, "excellent work indeed, THe question is, WHo|?"
"Oh no" said the centurion! "The Gauls"
"Well we have to get inside if we are going to get the gold" King Makarus said. SO they paraded through the iron gate. SUddenly they heard a roar of a dinsoaur and a shake like an earthquake. "The Rhinotaur" THe rhiontaur ripped through the walls and the soliders fought and fought the rhinotaur. Eventually King Makarus lopped the middle head off. The head fell off the rhinotaiurs scaly neck and landed with a thud on ten men. "oops" said King Makarus. Gold coins and ingots poured out of the neck. Quick, lets get the sacks. Full with supplies they managed to get back through the Sahara and France, and all the remaining men got home safe.

They had a huge banquet in the hall with the King, the centurion, the soliders and all the lords and ladies and King Makarus was happy.

By Henry Edwards
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