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Princess Elenelia and the Ship Wreck

A myth submitted to the site by Paige

Athens, Greece

A long time ago in Athens there lived king Talceclat who had a beautiful daughter called princess Elenelia. She was so beautiful that her father wanted her to have a husband so he planned a wedding in another country and they set off on the ship. But while they were sailing there was a terrible storm and king Talceclat's sailor lost control of the ship and crashed them into a giant and the ship sank down into the sea.

Luckily they had spare boats,but before everyone got in, "where's my daughter" he shouted. All his servants looked everywhere for princess Elenelia. Meanwhile, a whale came up to Elenelia and grabbed her by the foot then pulled her under the water. The whale let go of her and she fell to the bottom of the sea when she fell she grabbed a clam then cracked it open and the pearl inside it started to float up as she went to grab it a fish hit it an knocked it inside of her mouth.

In a few seconds she had turned into a mermaid she quickly swam off and went above the water to look for her father. As she was swimming she bumped into another mermaid who said that she had seen king Talceclat's ship not long ago then they both caught sight of it and quickly followed the ship. They swam for miles and miles until they got to the island where the wedding was. Princess Elenelia flopped onto the island and changed back to normal. She waved goodbye to her mermaid friend and quickly ran to the wedding and princess Elenelia was married to the prince of the sea.

By Paige
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