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The Bird Princess

Toronto, Canada

Once upon a time, a little girl with bright green eyes and golden hair, was left in the woods where no human dares to step foot for the stories of monsters living there. No one knows how she got there for some say she was an angel from heaven. The little girl was razed in the woods by the animals living there, for she was the only human who understood them and talked to them.

As the little girl grew up she was named Angel. In the morning the villagers would hear her singing with the birds but never saw her. Angel swam with the fishes, sang with the birds, played with the monkeys and walked gracefully while watching the young ladies in the village walk and talk to each other. She was happy living with her family in the woods for they would never abandon her because she was human.

On Angel’s birthday, she was walking with the wolves and singing with the birds deep in the wood where no humans were there to harm the animals living there with her. She heard a human’s voice near her for the first time. Everyone hid from the stranger for they were not aware of the danger the humans might pose for them.

Angel was very curious person, so she walked nearer to the human boy with his horse, while the wolves were warning her to stay away. As she was getting closer to the human, he quickly took his sword and aimed it towards Angel. Before the blade could touch Angel one of the wolves jumped in front of her and died in the proses of saving her life. As the wolf fell to the ground Angel caught the wolf and cried for she saw her dear friend die in front of her.

As soon as the boy saw the crying girl catching the wolf he kill, he felt he did something wrong. For the first time he had seen a young lady not scream from seeing a pack of wolves around her, but was crying because he had killed a dangerous animal that attack him. He heard the sweetest voice saying “Please Kevin! Don’t die.” That voice belonged to that girl in front of him. She had the greenest eyes he had ever seen, and the longest golden hair that matched her red lips.

“Miss are you alright?” said the boy, feeling worried. As the girl looked at him he saw fear in her eyes. When he tried to comfort her she ran behind the wolves that had surrounded them. Seeing she ran away with the wolves he left the woods to clear his head for he thought he was day dreaming about a girl living in the woods with the rumored monsters.

Each morning he would hear her voice singing with birds and hear her laughter when the wolves would hunt for food.
A week later the boy went to meet the young girl and talk to her for he had fallen in love with Angel as that was what the animals called her; she had told him when they talked. Some weeks later the boy proposed to the girl by sending a bird with a ring in its mouth for her. They finally got married, built a house in the woods where they lived with their children and the animals that loved Angel for they were her family who razed her to what she is now.

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