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Tibetan Creation Myth

Lhasa, Tibet, Lhasa, Tibet

Tibetan Creation Myth
By: Choying Dechen

Long ago there were two powerful Gods, one was named Chang Chub Sempa, god of indestructible compassion. The other named Yeshe Tsogyal, Queen of beauty and love. The two gods hated seeing their sons , the humans fighting all the time. They were killing each other, bringing war for no reason. Chang Chub and Yeshe got tired of seeing the violence, and decided to bring a young beautiful goddess in the roam of earth.
One day the two gods, decided to cut a little bit of their skin, and pour their blood into the Mekong River. Three nights after, their was a gigantic lotus glowing in the middle of the river. And it slowly blossomed into an enchanting princess. One of the princesses eyes was sparkling so bright, and the other one glowed in the dark.
Both Chang Chub, and Yeshe decided to name their daughter Wencheng Guangzhou. All of the men were astonished of this extraordinary creation, and at first sight they all fell in love, not only her beauty, but with her inner kindness.

Chang Chub and Yeshe, suffered so much. Men still hadn’t stop fighting. However they decided to fight for another reason, and that was “Whoever won the war, will have the permission to take Wencheng Guangzhou's hand.” Wencheng Guangzhou repelled against this idea, she pointed to her parents “This is madness! Who would ever create such a thing! I can’t handle this anymore...”

She ran into the woods, and in there was a large lake called Yamdrok lake. There she jumped into the water, and came out as a huge extravagant lotus. Two days later, Yeshe and Chang Chub realized that their daughter had vanished. Soon after the word spread, and the men were so heart-broken, they wept in tears.

One day, a man walking in the middle of the woods was astonished when he saw a beautiful enormous lotus. He quickly ran to the heavenly gates, where Yeshe Tsogyal, and Chang Chub Sempa rested. He quickly asked permission to talk to the gods saying, “I have urgent news about Wencheng Guangzhou’s absence.” When that being heard, both father and mother came storming towards the man. He told them that in the middle of the forbidden forest there was a large lotus, floating on top of the Yamdrok lake. Yeshe and Chang Chub flew towards the lake, and slowly saw the Lotus growing bigger and bigger. When it finally stopped growing, it peeled it self off, and shaped the form of a huge mountain (now called Mount Everest).

Not only did the mountain came out of the lotus, but also Wencheng Guangzhou herself. She was shining bright like the ray of sun, but her body grew so huge that she was as tall as the sky. People suddenly realized that parts of her body started to despatch into different unknown geographic forms. Her sparkling eye became the radiant sun and her glowing eye became the moon, it shined in the darkness. Her long golden strings of hair, became the flowing rivers. Her legs and arms became the long tall plateau, which now Tibet is most known for. After most of her body fragments transformed. The last pieces of her body, were the form of a red liquid which dropped into the earth, and creatures started to grow from it. The last words Wencheng Guangzhou spoke, “I have created women so that men can build a life together, you can complete one another all lifelong.” Yeshe wept in tears, and Chang Chub comforted her.

Years later, the men and women joined hands and built a civilization together. They took the word of Wencheng Guangzhou and never forgot that she brought life and meaning to earth.
*The End*

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