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A myth submitted to the site by Ken

Pyrenees Mountains, Basque

Once long ago, on the Pyrenees mountains their lived a boy named Juan. Juan lived with his family not far from the Bay of Biscay, this is where they received their water from . They didn’t have a lot of money and most of their issues were financial. However; they were Roman Catholic and believed that their God would come and everything would be ok at the right time.

It was a regular day and Juan had just gone to the bay to get some fish for his mom, sister, brother and dad. His sister was 3 years younger than him, his brother was 2 years old and he was 12 years old . His family had fish everyday unless their father ran into something else while he was working. They didn’t usually do anything different everyday it was the same routine.

When Juan returned, his father was not back yet and his mother was in the kitchen preparing the stove so that it could be ready when Juan got back with the fish. When his sister Amelia saw him with the fish she said “Mama must we always eat fish for supper, when will we get another dish “. “Hush child, and be grateful “yelled her mother. Then she said “If you have any issues go over there to that corner and pray about it “.
“Yes ma’am” Amelia said. Then she walked over to the corner even though she didn’t really feel like it. She did it because she was afraid of what would have happened if she didn’t. She begin silently praying to her God and she cried.

Then suddenly there was a loud booming knock on the door. The knock frightened everyone and everyone stopped what they were doing and their eyes shot at the door. Then Juan’s mother then walked to the door and opened it slightly. To her surprise it was her God.
He said “You should encourage the leaders of the Basques to start documenting all of the important events and their dates.” She answered,” but we can remember that stuff and it’s quite useless to write things that we already know down”
He then said “Okay my child I have warned you once. I will not tell you again.” Then he disappeared. Later she tried telling the leaders of Basque like Jesus had told her to do, but they laughed and said that it was the worst idea and accused her of lying.

She left immediately after that because she felt embarrassed . She didn’t care too much though because she didn’t think it was a good either. Afterwards she went home and prayed and told her kids to go to bed. The next day, the same routine went on. She then saw Jesus again and he asked her if they started to document things, even though he knew the answer. And she answered “Yes, Yes I have”. She didn’t tell
him all of it and how they laughed. And then he sent down a lightning beam and all of the Loading...people in Basque lost their memory and he moved them far away. They weren’t with their relatives anymore everyone was all mixed up and they were no longer exactly on the Pyrenees Mountains. And to this day no one can tell the actual origin of the Basque people and most of their culture and language was forgotten.

By Ken
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