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A myth submitted to the site by Aarya Shah

Kathmandu,Nepal, Nepal

Deprelean creation myth Aarya

There was a goddess called Anaman and her father, the darkness. She thought it was only the two of them in the whole universe, but one day when she was floating in the darkness she saw another god, she had a great feeling it was so powerful that she could not express it and so did the god his name was Unalooloo.

When her father the darkness had discovered this, he was furious for he was very protective of his one and only creation and he thought that his daughter and himself had a reputation while he thought Unalooloo was a brat and a disgrace.

They decided to create a world together, when they saw a light and a yellow fruit in the darkness with a low voice saying, “Keep this fruit it will help you do great wonders, but know that it will only work with great support and cooperation with your partner”. So they started creating great beautiful creations without her father knowing, and if there were creations then there would be no darkness meaning no father, so Anaman and Unalooloo could live in peace.

Since Anaman’s father was dark in the heart she had a little bit of that as well so she went down to become the earth and Unalooloo was pure so he went up to be the sky. So together they created the water, fire, plants, air, sun and moon, from the fruit the voice had given them, by eating it and thinking of what they wanted to create. When they thought they had created everything they needed to be happy, a light came out of them and went together to create a heart in the sky. They created the greatest most powerful force in the world love.

After a few months in the middle of the day gray ash now known as clouds filled the sky, it became so familiar to Anaman like a part of her was in the grey ash, it soon made the sky dark than her father appeared, because he was the darkness. He was furious, he made a dark hole in the sky and it sucked Unalooloo in, when he was sucked in he dropped a ring he had on his finger, then there was no sky and everything but the ring and Anaman was destroyed.

Her father tried to suck her in too, for he was disappointed with what she had created. She screamed and created a tornado, earthquake, whirlpool, hurricane, and thunder. It took over the darkness by sucking it all in.

She was alone in the universe it was not dark because the darkness was sucked in. It was just blank. She was so sad she started crying then suddenly water and soil was created. The water and the soil came out of the earth and plants started to grow, then a river was formed, animals and all the elements of nature was created. Her hair fell and the strands became people. But she was sad because Unalooloo her true and only love was gone forever she was so angry she created a very dangerous force, hatred. She could not live with the pain so she killed herself and her pure half went to the top to become the sky and her dark side stayed at the bottom to become the ground.

She died, the only thing that was left of her was her body and a red anklet on her foot. After a few seconds the anklet and the ring united to make two circles, a big hole of light came out of the circles and Unalooloo and Anaman’s spirit flew out together hand in hand and went to the sky soon there were white bright dots in the sky with the moon they had created called stars, so even at night the stars gave light, so it was not completely dark. They were still a part of their creations and have eternal love and was together forever. Her creations lived and still do. Her most powerful creations still exist, Love and hatred which can never die, Which is now Deprelean, filled with love and hatred, with all of her creations, like Earth.

By Aarya Shah
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Name: Patrick McAndrew 22nd October 2013
Aarya, What a beautiful and creative piece you have written. I am so proud of what a great writer and thinker you have become. I look forward to reading more of your amazing writing ! Your Grade Five Teacher, Mr. McAndrew :-)
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