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A myth submitted to the site by PenguinCrazy2002

Yepton Beach, Antigua, Caribbean

Someone help me please, I’m scared. This man keeps on hitting me. All I want is to be with Mummy and Daddy at home.

Where is she? I bet she has run off on purpose again. We are meant to be having a relaxing family holiday in Antigua, but all she cares about is the fact that she has smashed her phone to smithereens. Her fault! Now she has ruined Jessica’s first holiday abroad. On her birthday! Just because she is the oldest doesn’t mean she can ruin it for the rest of us. There is no point attempting to find her, because all she will do is keep on running away, she’ll come back eventually... I think...
“Mum, can I get an ice cream, pretty please with cherries on top,” Jessica pleaded, smiling sweetly at her mum, “It’s my birthday!”
“Darling you can have anything you want,” I replied, handing over $5. You haven’t run away.

Please, I didn’t mean to do anything or even run away. Now all I have is my diary. Lost and alone, in a cramped cell, in a basement somewhere. I’m sorry, for whatever I did. Just get me away from this hell I’m in. HELP ME GOD! Someone’s coming. I’ve got to hide. Where? The footsteps are getting closer now, I can see a pair of boots, and their body is now in full view. Two crooked hands reached out and grasped hold of my neck. The man ordered, “Don’t even attempt to run away missy, OR ELSE!” He let go.

“Izzyyyy... Izzy, Izzy, Izzyyyy... Where is she Mummy, Daddy? I want her here so I can open my pressies,” screamed Jess at the top of her ‘loud’ voice, secretly ripping open one of her smaller gifts.
“Ummmm, we’re not so sure at the moment, pumpkin, but you carry on, but remember, always open the bigger presents first then the miniature ones last, because the smaller it is the more important it is,” I answered, trying to sound reassuring. I wasn’t so sure that she was ever going to turn up. I was actually getting quite worried, but I wasn’t going to scare Jess by telling her that, this is a very important and special holiday for her. Watching her open her presents now, it brought tears to my eyes, that I might never see Izzy again, let alone for her birthday. I mustn’t cry I told myself. No. Not in front of Jess, I’ll wait till I’m on my own, maybe even with her Dad, he’ll understand, he’s going through the same situation. Isn’t he...

I just looked into the glass at the side of my cell. Red hand prints streaked my neck, where the ‘scary’ man grabbed me. I really really want to go home now, I even miss Jessie, sorry baby sis, I ruined your birthday. What happens if I never see my family again? All I remember is, while I was out searching for my phone, a white van pulled up behind me. This man jumped out, wrapped a scarf around my mouth, and then swung me round his shoulder. I don’t really remember much after that, all I saw was pitch black then, and then. Nothing... My neck is becoming really agitating now; it’s scratched and is beginning to bleed. It stings. Wait... I can hear something, someone’s coming...

999 “Police please,” I asked urgently, I had come to the decision that I would phone the police, to reunite me and my family with Izzy, “My daughter has disappeared!” The man then spoke calmly to me, knowing that I was extremely upset and distressed.

”I would like to know her name, your name, where, when and what were you doing when she disappeared.” I couldn’t think straight, but in the end I came to my senses and answered,
”Her name is Izabella and my name is Rebeka, we have the same surname, Wattz, we were in St.John’s in Antigua, on the 24th of March at 15:00 and we were at Yepton beach when Izabella dropped her phone on the sidewalk, smashing it to pieces, she then walked off, sulking, then we lost her, we looked everywhere, but couldn’t find her,” I started to cry. I couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted my baby girl back. It just wasn't fair. Why me? Why me? Why is it always me that bad things happen to?

What is happening? I’m petrified. What do I do? Now a different man has entered the room he has something in his hand. What was it? It was an odd shadow that it created. The man was slowly advancing towards me. Stomp... Stomp... Stomp... The footsteps were becoming intense, the closer they became, the more traumatized I felt.

Policemen and women surrounded me and my family, Jessica clung to my arm, squeezing as hard as she could, she didn't want to lose sight of me. So many people were trying to talk to me all at once, I couldn't understand a word, it didn't help that I already felt queasy and couldn't hear myself think, because I was so worried and terrified that I would never see Izabella again.

SMASH! The cells glass wall shattered as something hit it at a high speed. The thing flew inches away from my face; it dropped to the floor with a THUD. It was then that I realized what it was, it was a, a, a bullet...

Where was she? Nobody can find her. She’s been kidnapped.

Suddenly, another bullet flew towards my head; it narrowly skimmed it by inches. Several more followed it. Continuously they shot towards my body; soon the glass was covered in bullet holes, surly they would kill me soon enough. Why? Why are they trying to hurt me? Mummy, please help me. I’m alone, scared, all these strangers kidnapped me and are now attempting to murder me. Please help me God. Please Help.

By PenguinCrazy2002
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