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Arabian Sands

A myth submitted to the site by Maddie

Dukhan, Qatar

Once upon a time, in a very dusty land, an old man lived with his camel far away in the desert. He had nothing but his memory to remember his family by. This story is the story of the giant sand lizard of Arabia…

The old man was walking in a dust storm. The wind swirled around him and he could barely see because of the sand in his poor eyes. He was slowly leading his camel, Ascran back to his Bedouin tent in the heart of his area, the place he had named Dukhan. As he was walking he heard a rumbling. He carried on walking because he assumed it was just a sand avalanche in the distance.

Suddenly, the sand formed a giant hill in front of him and from it emerged a huge, slimy, sand stuck lizard with three eyes protruding from his ugly head. The monster lifted his great head and bowed it. He spoke: “I am lord liazardy lizard of Arabia and I have come to grant your wish, lonely stranger!”
The old man’s beard nearly dropped off but he finally replied with a terrified look on his face. “If you will grant my wish,” he trembled “I wish for my family.”
The mighty creature thought for a minute before coming up with an answer. “Alright, but you might find my plan a bit more tragic than you had imagined,” he said, cunningly. The man was ready to go with anything so he set his camel free with some food and turned back to the beast.
“I am ready, but if you may be lying, I will send a god to destroy you and I can promise now that it will not be a happy death.”
The beast merely nodded. “My deeds are good, I promise you.” He took a breath: “I will now grant your wish.” There was a deep rumble from below and the monster pounced on the old man, killing him just like that.

But he had kept his promise and had granted the man’s wish. He was in heaven, now and was with his beloved family. He still couldn't trust the lizard but he loved him all the same.
The end.

By Maddie
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