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England , England

Hercules was in the heavens with his Daddy called Zeus. But Medusa was busy because Medusa was plotting a horrible plan to destroy Hercules and Zeus.

Suddenly lots and lots of monsters came out of the ground and the monster attacked the whole city with a bang and a crash everything was destroyed, but then Hercules destroyed the monsters instead and after he destroyed the monsters he put the city back together.

Medusa was very very really ANGRY because Hercules and Zeus was not destroyed so she said to herself "If you want something don right you half to do it yourself". Then she raced at Hercules hoping to kill him but she only killed herself because Hercules was strong and Medusa just fell apart and died.

But then Hercules saw a Minotaur it raced at Hercules after destroying the city again and again and again. Hercules had a big fight with the Minotaur and guess who won. And one day he crept in a secret elevator where nobody is so post to go in but Hercules went in it, but Hercules saw all the monsters in the world all in one. Hercules had a gigantic powerful fight they fought and fought and fought it was a tricky job but Hercules destroyed the monsters and Hercules said " It was a piece of cake." THE END

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