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Wolves vs Humans.

Stoneybridge, Scotland

As the full moon finally rose Amelia found herself in a miniature cave that was barred with stones. All of a sudden she heard a heart stopping howl, that was coming from the corner of her eye. Amelia's heart pounded as she slowly turned around.
There in front of her stood a muddy girl (who's shoes were torn and mud smeared all over her). Her name was Jana. Amelia stuttered as she spoke, "who are you and how did you get in here"?
Jana didn't answer but instead she just ran of ahead. Amelia ran behind her trying to catch up with her. There was a sudden howl as Jana transformed into a hairy razor sharp fangs creature. She was a werewolf. Amelia ran ahead of her as Jana tried to pounce onto her prey, that was Amelia. As Amelia reached the end of the cave she tripped in fear of being eaten. Suddenly Jana pounced on top her and ate her ferociously tearing her limb from limb.

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