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Thriller Night...

A myth submitted to the site by Rimsha Noor

Los Angeles, America

Diana was seated next to the window; resting her pale skinned face on her bony hands as she tried focusing on the travelling road and coal coloured sky.

It was difficult for her to keep her grass coloured eyes and ginger lashes from shutting; for it was close to midnight and while residents of Los Angeles were tucked up warm in bed, she was suffering the freezing overcast along with her older siblings and father.

Megan and Jason were seated next to her; Megan already asleep. Jason was listening to his music, while her father was trying to pay attention to the dull road.

She stared at her brother, at his tired but all the same mysteriously grey coloured eyes and his thick brownish hair which made him look more like Harry Styles. He was so into fashion, which made her feel different from him, for Diana herself was shy and liked being natural. She felt, that the name Diana didn’t suit an afraid and scarred girl like her, sometimes she felt ashamed of herself, it should’ve been for a more fun and pretty girl, like Lucy; the more popular one in her school.

Her older sister however, was her copy and only a bit taller and geeky with her glasses; completely different from Jason.

She was surprised at his father for he was reaching the age of 60 and still appeared to have no bald patches but thick overgrown autumn leaves on his head! Not exactly autumn leaves, but a colour similar to them, he did have one or two strands of grey poking out though.

Her whole family however had a very pale skin; so pale that it made them look like ghosts! Sometimes, at night, she got scared of her own reflection if she glanced in the mirror!

However, her families’ and her appearance weren’t important for her right now, all she wanted to do was to get home as quick as it took…

Something made her jump in her seat… maybe a strange figure pointing its finger towards their car? Yes, she was right, a finger using sign language… something people used, when… when they wanted to get a lift? Yes! Yes, now she saw it clearly as their car drew closer to it… it was wearing a leather top, yes, a leather top which was red as blood?.. Or was it covered in blood?

The figure was very skinny; she noticed as their car drew closer to it…she noticed that the figure was of a male you had thick, dark, puffed up, curly hair… He looked more like Michael Jackson, her brother’s and father’s inspiration as they called it, the strange man looked like Michael Jackson from the music video Thriller, a music video she had only watched once, and only because her brother and father had insisted her to, for she herself wasn’t that keen in any kind of horror, but she remembered how scarred she got after watching the music video….

And this man looked as if his skin was torn away… as if his eyes were going to roll out in any second…… as if he was paralyzed; for he was standing still as a statue in the same position from the time she had spotted him... Out came a blood cuddling scream which Diana realized was from her own mouth, not because the man looked like a zombie OR was a zombie but because her father had slowed and then stopped the car…. to give the stranger….. OR….. the zombie a lift!.....

Happy Halloween... may you have a Thriller night!.....

By Rimsha Noor
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