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Zeus and the Sea Monster

A myth submitted to the site by Adam B

Land of the gods, England

Zeus and the Sea monster

Zeus looked down beneath the clouds of his palace to see what was going on below. All was peaceful at first in the land of the gods with all sorts of gods doing their jobs down on Earth.
Suddenly out of nowhere, Poseidon, god of the sea came rushing over to Zeus in a tremendous panic. His trident was at his side and he was drenched in water.
“Zeus, please help me, I am being attacked by a ferocious sea monster down on Earth. Can you find it in your heart to help one of your brothers?” Poseidon asked while kneeling on the ground.
The mighty god Zeus thought for quite a while until he made an agreement. Poseidon thanked him before rushing out of Zeus’ palace.

Between his hands, Zeus conjured up a bright ball of lightening. After a while, Zeus hurled the ball of lightening onto the sea monster.
The sea monster screamed in pain before sinking to the bottom of the Aegean Sea.
Soon, Poseidon knelt by Zeus’ huge throne.
“Hello, Poseidon. I see you’re here to thank me are you not?” Zeus asked.
“Yes, that is the reason why I’m here,” Poseidon replied, looking at Zeus.
“Now then, what are you going to do as I stopped the sea monster?”
“Um, I did not have anything prepared for this, brother.”
“You didn't?! Very well then, I shall give the sea monster life.”
“No! Please brother, don’t do this!”
But Zeus gave back the sea monster’s life and once again, Poseidon went off back down to Earth so he could fight the sea monster.
Poseidon did in the end kill the sea monster, but it did take up years of his own life.
The End

By Adam B
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