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Just Imagine

A myth submitted to the site by Adam B

Greece, England

Just Imagine

Once there lived a boy named Logos who had a very special power that would one day be used for bad.
That day it was like any other. The sun was shining down on Logos and he wore a big smile on his face. It was always what he imaged as a perfect day in Greece. But, what Logos didn't know was that a creature called a Duman wanted to use his power for evil.

A Duman is a cross between a human and a dragon but also with a goat. The Duman watched as Logos imagined the perfect day once more. The creature growled in frustration at Logos.
“I need your power!” The Duman screamed while still watching Logos. “Give me your power!”
Suddenly, the Duman grinned. He flew off into the air towards where Logos was standing. The creature descended as he saw the boy in sight.

Logos looked into the air to see the Duman land right in front of him. The creature grinned showing all of his sharp teeth covered in human blood. The boy looked totally terrified to see a creature no-one had ever seen before.
It walked up to him breathing heavily before saying:
“I’m going to use your power. Imagine me taking over the world. Do it now!”
“Um, okay.”
“Good. Just imagine it happening.”
So Logos imagined him taking over the world. Logos also imagined himself with a sword.
Soon Logos got into a big battle with a Duman. The creature breathed fire over the sword. Logos imagined the sword being fire resistant.
Logos also imagined the sword ramming into the Duman’s heart. It was now dead and all Logos had to do was imagine!
The End

By Adam B
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