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Dragons can Love

Town, Agesia

One day 4 of the towns dragon eggs were stolen and lost. This was very very bad because each egg held a power that kept there town alive. Flame the red egg had the power of Fire to keep bad people away, the towns people would use this egg to trap them until the cops came. Spike the green egg had the power of life so if some one was dieing and the egg was near, the egg would make them healthy and living like normal once again. Shuriken the black dragon egg had the gift and curse of Death, so if some one wanted to die all they would have to do is hold that egg and say i wont to die and with in a matter of seconds that person would be dead. Mya the purple dragon had the power of magic and with out her the towns people would leave.
But these eggs were never suppose to hatch EVER because the king Mutat put a spell on all 4 eggs so they couldn't hatch but one day....
Crack crack went Flame and Spike
BOOM went Shuriken
Swish went Mya
And there they were 4 amazing adorable dragon hatch lings they all looked at each other for the longest time but what they did not know is that they could talk to each other threw there minds.
What are they? wondered flame
WERE DRAGONS is he that dum? thought Mya.
I'm not dum said Flame to Mya threw his mind to hers
Lets fly Shuriken said to all the dragons.
Spike stared blankly. Lets go home he said calmly to the dragons as he lifted his wings and jumped into the air.
OK all the other dragons said all together.

Mya and Flame hoped into the air, Shuriken was already flying up ahead.
Follow the sound of people in panic and smell the air, it will smell like home and bacon said Mya.
So all the dragons now almost full size were making there way home but some trouble was coming there way and it was not going to stop any time soon.
A big flaming ball hit Mya in the wing hard enough to make her scream.
OUCH she yelled. Mya soon had to land it took 4 days until they could leave again.
Are you sure your ok? Flame asked
Im fine Mya growled.
So with that all 4 dragons took flight again.
The next day all 4 dragons were forced to leave early and fly high above the clouds.

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