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How Rabbit Tricked Lion (The Story of Why Rabbit Hops)

A myth submitted to the site by StorytellerM

Nairobi, Kenya

Once, a very long time ago, there was a creature named Rabbit, who lived in Nairobi, Kenya. He was a fine rabbit, and was very kind and generous. But Rabbit was also very smart and clever, so if he was ever in a bad situation, he might trick another creature with his intellect.

Rabbit wanted to see if his good friend Zebra was doing well, since he had a terrible illness. So Rabbit packed Zebra’s favorite snacks into a large box, and left his hole in the ground.

Soon, Rabbit saw Lion. “Hello, Lion. Pleasure to see you.” Rabbit greeted, even though he was scared out of his wits. Lion growled, and hissed, and thought about how delicious a tender rabbit would be. SO Lion pounced onto Rabbit. But Rabbit was, as I said earlier, clever, so he sidestepped the attack.

Now, Lion was growling more than ever before. Lion skidded to the ground and cried out in pain. Lion stood up, ready to attack once again, when suddenly, Rabbit yelled, “Wait! I have a gift - a delicious snack for you.” Rabbit handed Lion the gigantic box of food, and Lion started ripping it open as Rabbit scrambled away.

When Rabbit got to Zebra’s house, he knocked on the door. Zebra shouted, “Come in!” Before he did, however, a snarling lion was right behind him. Lion was full of rage, since Rabbit had given Lion a box of grasses- great for Zebra, but terrible for Lion. Lion was very, very angry for being tricked into losing lunch. Lion backed up, getting ready to pounce. Lion jumped, and Rabbit had a split second top think. Before he knew it, Lion was an inch away! So Rabbit did the only thing he could think of- he jumped for the first time in his life. Rabbit loved the feeling- and told himself he would definitely do it again.

Lion never got Rabbit for lunch, or any meal for that matter. He walked away, looking ashamed of his self.
So Rabbit learned to love jumping. He also learned it could save his life. So that is why Rabbit hops.

By StorytellerM
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