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The Ghost In My Attic

A myth submitted to the site by Madison Louise Venning

Farnworth, Bolton, United Kingdom

For a very long time I would go to bed petrified half to death. Every night when i got in my bed i would here a scratching noise on the ceiling. As the night went on the noise would get louder and louder and i kept pulling my bed cover over my head and just as i was falling off to sleep the noise would turn into a Thump Thump Thump like a banging noise that was so scary.

This went on for a long time and i would go asleep frightened all the time, every single night petrified. The sounds were sometimes ghostly and indescribable but i told my mum and dad and they told me that i was having bad dreams or imagining things. This made me sad because i knew i was telling the truth. I was sure it was a ghost, a real ghost.

Then one night I heard the spooky noises louder than ever before and I couldn't move at all i was so scared. I just screamed as loud as i could, my mum and dad said it was the most terrifying scream they have ever heard and it had woken them up in the middle of the night. They came into my room very worried but this time they knew i was telling the truth because they heard the ghost too. So! My dad went down stairs and got his big powerful torch and his ladders and said her would check out the noises.

Me, mum and my baby brother all stood back whilst dad got up his ladders and opened the attic door. He said "Oh no there are weird footsteps come and look" I couldn't believe it. My mum and dad were really confused as nobody has been in our attic since we moved in our house 8 years ago.

After a bit we all went back to bed and I was terrified as I knew through mum and dad there as something really strange happening in our house. After I had gotten into bed, only a few minutes after, I heard the scratching noises again and straight away a noise at my window that sounded a bit like someone throwing a snowball at glass, but obviously it was not a snow ball as it was summer and no way could a person get in my back garden anyway because of security. I crept to my window to look out and I will never forget the vision I saw with my own eyes. It was a shape, a figure of a lady but floating through my garden trees, she looked like she was made of fog or mist but very white. Her hair was long and looked like it was blowing behind her and her dress was the same. Long and flowing with the wind.

I was shocked but not as scared because she wasn't right near me, she was at the other end of my back garden. When I told my mum and dad they told me a story. It is a myth, about a lady. A famous myth about the white lady of Compton Lodges who died through a fall from a horse some time in the eighteenth century. I live just around the corner from Crompton Lodges. I am very sure I have now seen her for myself in real life.

The End

Madison Louise Venning
7 years old

By Madison Louise Venning
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