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Honeydew and the Minotaur

A myth submitted to the site by Joshua

Margate, England

Once there was a little dwarf named Honeydew. He was a dwarf from a place called Casmodan. He lived a nice life but the only thing that scared him was the minotaur that lived in a old dwarven mine.

One day Honedew thought I need to put a end to this minotaur or ill soon be his lunch. So of he went on his little dwarven feet to the king. When he was there he asked the king if he could put an end to the minotaur. The king said, "All right but take this diamond armour and axe may it protect you."

So Honeydew went off and into the mine and found the minotaur sleeping so he crept over to his head and struck at the minotuars head but he missed and woke the beast up. Then the beast grabbed Honedew and threw at a wall. Then Honeydews armour broke but Honedew was okay but covered in blood. But it wasnt his blood it was minotaur blood! The reason it was minotaur blood is becasue when the beast threw Honeydew at the wall, the axe flew out of his hand and chopped the minotaurs head of. Honeydew was amazed and felt happy.
So he told the king and went home and lived happily ever after.

By Joshua
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