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The Myths of Zeus and Hades

Underworld and the Olympians, Greek

Zeus and Hades
By:Alex & Braden

Anyone who knows mythology understands the power of Greek gods. Two of these powerful gods are Zeus and Hades. Although Zeus and Hades are brothers and share characteristics, they are also different in many ways.

Zeus and Hades are similar in basic yet interesting ways. One way that they are similar is that they both have powers. For example, Zeus has the power to control nature while Hades controls the underworld. They also have another thing in common; they are brothers. Another example is that they both rule over nature for example Hades rules over seasons and Zeus rules over nature. These are two examples of how Zeus and Hades are similar.

Zeus and Hades are also different in several ways. For example, Zeus rules over the Olympians. He also has the power to control nature such as lightning, thunder, and storms. He lives on Mount Olympus. He is married to Hera. He also has a son by the name of Perseus who is half human and half god. Unlike Zeus, Hades lives in the underworld. He can basically rule over anything in the underworld such as all the souls of the dead. Hades does not come out of the underworld very often. Hades also has a wife by the name of Persephone. Hades does not have any children but Zeus does. Those are just a few ways Zeus and Hades are different.

In spite of their similarities and differences between Zeus and Hades, they will always be considered some of the most well known-and powerful gods. Both gods will always be remembered for their incredible stories.

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