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Ares vs Mars

Greece, Greece

Many gods have been praised for their rule but Ares and Mars were worshiped for their battle skills. The people of all beliefs including Norse, Greek, and Roman had one god that was a ruthless killer. They were named gods of war but also some were named gods of battle strategy. Ares and Mars are similar in the ways that they are both the gods of war and they both carry a blood spear; however, they are different in the ways that one gave mercy to ones who deserved and one did give any at all.

Ares is a well know god, but there is one thing that the god of war Mars has in common with him. The mighty weapon they both carry is a blood spear even though the blood spear Ares carries may not be made of blood stone, but it always is stained with blood. The god mars carries his blood stone made weapon with him and Ares’s blood stained spear is awaiting the blood of enemies. The website [Heritage history] states,” That Ares carries a blood stained spear,” but the website [Encyclopedia] shows,”That mars has a spear made of blood stone.”

Thats not the only thing these gods have in common. Mars and Ares are both the gods of war. Being the god of war means that you will be a great fighter in battle but also in life, but you control the blades of your followers as well. The website [Encyclopedia]points out that the god Mars was worshiped for being god of war,”He has many temples named after him being the father of the founders of Rome and the god of war.” Also on the website [Heritage] Ares was praised,”Many gods would be inpressed by Ares often calling him Bloody Ares.” Thats why the gods Ares and Mars are similar to each other even though there different people.

How the god Ares is different from Mars is because he was a ruthless killer. Ares gave no mercy to any of his enemies and loved having the blood of his enemies meet his mighty spears blade. The website [Heritage]says ares was ruthless,”Zues often called him Bloody Ares or Raging Ares.” Many gods were scared of the power of Ares so they locked him up in an urn.

Mars gave mercy to the people who deserved it like noblemen. He often killed people if they had done wrong and was not a good person.[Encyclopedia]states that the god mars gave mercy,”The god often didn't kill all of his enemies.” Thats why many people did praise mars for his good soul. He was worshiped as a merciful god.

The gods Ares and Mars are very similar but they also have many things about them that are different. Both of the gods were the gods of war even though they may not have been the best gods. Mars was merciful and had a heart for the good people of Rome. Ares on the other hand was very deadly and terrifying to all the people of the land. This shows how different and similar Mars and Ares are.

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Please fix the basic grammatical error occurring within this sentence: "Thats why the gods Ares and Mars are similar to each other even though there different people." Clearly, it should be *because they're different people. 30th April 2018
I am trying to research the differences of Mars & Ares. The project Question is, What was the name of his/her Roman counterpart? Plus You need to add the differences TWO!!! 5th May 2017
im using it for a school essay and it helped a lot. thanks! :)
7th April 2017
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