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Zeus vs. Poseidon

Dallas, USA

Every god is able to control something that contributes to the life that we live. Each god having a unique talent since they were born. But there is one god of the seas and one god of the sky and thunder. They have made the things living in the world. Things coming from the Underworld, spirits/emotions getting let out, punishments that are forever. The gods, Zeus and Poseidon are similar in ways that they have the weapons to destroy all above and are powerful in the Mount of Olympus controlling the land; however, they are different in the ways that have affected relationships with wives, affairs and how both of their personalities are different in how they act or control their selves with other gods.

Zeus’s main weapon is his lightning bolt, controlling how the weather is all over the world. When lightning comes, it’s made by him. Usually when he is in a foul mood. “He gets angered easily and uses his thunderbolt to fix his problems.” (Scholastic OH MY GODS pg. 61) Poseidon’s main weapon is his trident. Controlling all bodies of water around the world. “Poseidon was often moody. Of he was in a foul mood he would create storms. When Athena took over Athens, Poseidon wanted Athens, and took revenge by sending a flood in the city. Zeus from then forbid Poseidon to continue flooding. Poseidon was smart enough to think of drying up bodies of waters instead. Zeus punished him by having to do hard work. When Poseidon finished all of his work, he wanted his money, but the keeper wouldn't give. So in this revenge he sent a monster.” (Scholastic OH MY GODS pg.) Both weapons are able to destroy man made people and places. Therefore, having powerful weapons that can destroy.

Zeus and Poseidon both have the power to punish people for their wrongdoings. They can create thunder and lightning and floods and droughts all over the world. “Poseidon one day wasn't in a fun mood, so he was thinking of sinking a ship, flooding a city, maybe create a drought, cause an earthquake, and send a monster to land? Maybe find a girlfriend. He was thinking all of these ways just to not be bored.” (Scholastic OH MY GODS pg. 101) He can punish people with his trident. Sometimes he will punish people who just made him mad for a small thing. He can do so many things to land that will destroy the community and country.
Zeus “his weapon is a thunderbolt which he throws at people who displeases him.” (Hunt, J. M “The Olympians.” Greek Mythology Gods Olympians. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Nov. 2013.) Zeus feels that people should be punished when they do things wrong. Such as the time that Poseidon was having fun by flooding cities and making bodies of water dry even when he promised Zeus that he would stop with the flooding. Zeus punished him for his acts of violence. “He punishes those who lie or break oaths.” (Hunt, J. M “The Olympians.” Greek Mythology Gods Olympians. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Nov. 2013.) God's punishments are unpredictable, the damage can be anything. Such as Atlas, he was a trickster and with his tricking, there’s punishments such as holding the world.

Poseidon’s personality is very greedy and selfish. “To compete against Athena for a city, he created a horse while Athena created an olive tree which gave much more to the city. Making Poseidon not take over Athens. Poseidon was so selfish, he created a flood in Athens as revenge.” (Mythlopedia OH MY GODS pg. 60) He has all this jealousy filled up in his body and when things don’t go his way then he creates more destruction. He likes to have everything, likes to make fun of things that he does to people. On the other hand Zeus and protective and takes control. “Zeus overthrew his father Cronus. He won against his father and became the ruler of the Gods.”(Hunt, J. M “The Olympians.” Greek Mythology Gods Olympians. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Nov. 2013.) He is so protective over his siblings. He saved them from their dad when he ate them. He then took over Olympus and shares it with his siblings.

Zeus is known for his many affairs that he has with other women. “Had more than 115 affairs but married to Hera. Callisto, Semele, and Leto had to suffer all of Hera’s attention and greediness.” (Mythlopedia OH MY GODS pg. 101) He has so many affairs but is only married to Hera. One big affair that he had was with Danae who had a son with Zeus and was locked away in a chamber. However for, Poseidon was married to Amphitrite and only married to her. Poseidon would at times try to woo other women but he stayed with Amphitrite. He didn't have as much of affairs as did Zeus.

Gods can be different and similar in many different ways. Zeus and Poseidon are two of many important gods. They have their different personalities and different relationships. But they have things in common, with their choices of punishments and their weapons that can change everything. They can control and have a special talent that can both relate to each other and but can also make them different from each other.

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