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Zeus and Hera Compare/Contrast Essay

Mount Olympus, Sky

There are many up’s and down’s in a marriage. For example, Zeus and Hera their relationship was very complicated in mythology. They had many differences and complications, but they did have some qualities that were the same. Zeus and Hera are similar because they both are powerful, and want revenge; however they are differ in the ways that they are god/goddess over different things, and are identified for different likes on what they represent or do. They both have their characteristics that define themselves. They want different results for what they do in their life.

One of Zeus and Hera’s similarities is they are more powerful than any of the other gods or goddesses. They are both higher than others in mythology. Zeus was the king of all the gods. Hera was the Queen of all goddesses., but Zeus was still noted to be powerful than Hera. Zeus and Hera were married, and with this bond it made them both more powerful than they were. While reading the Treasury of Greek Mythology (Napoli pg. 33, and 79), I found out that Zeus’s father Cronus was the ruler of all gods (and goddesses) until Zeus took over and became higher than all the gods (and goddesses), and since Hera was Zeus’s wife it made her higher than all goddesses. Therefore, because Zeus and Hera are higher than all others it states clearly that this is one of the similarities that they have.

Another one of Zeus and Hera’s similarities are, that they get angry and want to get revenge on something they don’t like really fast. They don’t have the patience to let them find out what they did wrong. They take action as soon as they can. While reading the Treasury of Greek Mythology (Napoli pg. 107, and 108), it said that Zeus had numerous love affairs, and Hera got very jealous and angry at him and the ladies he is having an affair with. Therefore because of this she would do something back in return to all of those women in return, warning them not to ever come near Zeus again. Also Zeus would get very angry, for example at Hera when she does something bad to all the women that he loves or likes. This clearly states that they both will do anything to get revenge, and they both get very angry easily. Sometimes at each other or towards someone else.

One of Zeus and Hera’s differences are that Zeus is the God of the sky and thunder, and Hera is the goddess of women and marriage. They control over different things, which makes them different from each other. While reading the Treasury of Greek (Napoli pg. 81) and Oh My Gods (Bryant pg.108) I found out that Hera helps people by going around and helping them with their relationship or she creates a relationship. Zeus on the other hand controls the sky, he doesn’t really interact with others as Hera does. They rule over different things and they control it in a different way. Therefore this clearly states that Zeus and Hera are different because they rule over two different things.

Another difference that Zeus and Hera have is that Hera is sacred for the cow, lion, and the peacock, but on the other hand Zeus is sacred for rams and eagles. They are sacred for two different animals. While reading “Oh My Gods” (Bryant pg. 108) and Treasury of Greek Mythology (Napoli Pg. 81) I found out that these animals that they are sacred to, means that they are connected to them. Zeus is connected to animals such as rams and eagles. Hera is connected to cows, lion, and peacocks. They are connected to different animals. Therefore this quality clearly states another difference between Zeus and Hera.

In conclusion Zeus and Hera had many up’s and down’s in their relationship. They had some qualities that were similar such as being higher than all the other gods or goddesses, and getting angry and wanting revenge easily. On the the other hand they also had qualities that were different such as being sacred for different animals and controlling over two different things. Zeus was the god of the sky and thunder, Hera was the goddess of women and marriage. Like I said before they both have their own characteristics that define themselves.

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