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Zeus and Poseidon

A myth submitted to the site by Marc S

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Zeus and Poseidon are both similar in the ways that they both think that they’re realm is better then each others and they also are both stronger in their own realm; However,they are different in the way that Zeus is the Ruler of the olympian gods and Poseidon is just the god of the sea. Furthermore there are many similar and different things about Zeus and Poseidon.

Zeus and Poseidon are different in many ways. One thing that is different about them is that Poseidon’s special weapon is the Trident which can shake the earth and shatter any object, While Zeus’s is the Lightning bolt which he hurls at anyone who displeases him. Another thing that is different about them is that Zeus’s animal is the Eagle representing the sky. How ever Poseidon’s animal is the Horse because he is amazing at taming horses. At one time Poseidon desired Demeter. Demeter challenged Poseidon to make the most beautiful animal the world has ever seen. Therefore after many tries Poseidon made the Horse.

Poseidon and Zeus are both very powerful gods,but they both think that their own realm is better. Poseidon thinks that the Sea is better than the sky, while Zeus thinks the sky is better than the sea. Poseidon has many abilities/powers that allow him to cause chaos or create animal. Poseidon and Zeus are both gods of the overworld the sea and sky! They both get crazy with mortals and have had children.

Zeus’s weapon is so powerful that if anyone stole it. World war IV would start. Zeus would be furious with anyone looking for it. If someone would steal Poseidons Trident. It would cause earthquakes to start everywhere and it would be chaos. Zeus and Poseidon both have weapons that are so powerful that if they went missing it could cause the world to be in complete chaos.

Furthermore if Zeus and Poseidon weren’t as powerful and strong as they were it would be a totally different world. Zeus and Poseidon are both very strong especially in their own realm because they can control the elements in their realm. Zeus thinks his realm is better because he feels stronger and more safer in his realm because he can control it. Poseidon has the same opinion on it, He can control the realm and is stronger in it. Making him feel safer

By Marc S
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