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Hades vs. Satan

Coppell, Tx, U.S.A

Hades vs. Satan

Is Hades like the Devil in Greek mythology? Thats is one of the most asked question when comparing Greek mythology to the Bible. Well in some ways he is, but in some ways he isn’t. There are many reasons why they are and why they are not alike. They are very similar in the fact that they both are the rulers of their own kingdom, but both have completely different personalities and are two vastly different characters.

The Underworld is not Hell. But there are hellish places that the wicked go in the Underworld. Hades’ realm includes the fields of punishment, which is where those who have done bad with their life would go to be eternally punished.“The fields of punishment is a place in the underworld where mortals are punished for horrible deeds, using a variety of horrible torturous methods” (

The punishment for being bad is very horrible on both sides. “In Christianity the punishment for sinning is distance from God and eternally burning in fire” ( This means that when you go to Hell, you will constantly be burning and fire, and be separated from God, to the point where you have no hope. In the Fields of Punishment, Hades tortures the doomed soul with whatever his/her biggest fears where during his life as a mortal. This means that if you are bad, “You will face your current fears here on earth, in the Underworld”(

As you probably already know, Satan is pure evil. His goal is to lure as many people away from God “Satan is the evil Lord of evil evilness.”( He is a trickster, a bully, and any other synonym for evil you can think of. However, Hades is not necessarily evil. After Zeus defeated the Titans, Himself, Poseidon, and Hades,(also knows as the Big Three), were to rule the 3 most important things. Zeus took the sky, Poseidon took the seas, which left Hades with no choice but to take control of the Underworld. “Hades is just doing his job, he is not really evil.” ( So as far as personality goes Satan and Hades are both very distinct, both having different motives for ruling their kingdom.

Now, the Underworld is not only a place where evil souls go to spend an eternity in punishment, but also a place where souls who have done good with their lives go to experience an eternity of happiness, and reward. As explained in a blog by Brian Perkins, “All dead go to the Underworld, regardless of morality.” ( This place that good souls go to is called the Elysain fields. Much like the Fields of Punishment, Hades reflects on your life on earth, and rewards you based on what you considered happiness during your life in the mortal world. “Where the favored of Zeus enjoy perfect happiness.”( However, this is definitely not the case for the Biblical Hell. ONLY the wicked, evil souls go to Hell. It is simply a place of torture, pain, and suffering. No such place of happiness exists there. “There is no “good” place to go in Hell. It is a place of punishment, not reward.” (

Hades and Satan are both rulers of their own “Underworld”, as well as both have places of punishment. In these reasons Hades and Satan are somewhat similar. But, both have different personalities. While the Devil is the absolute most evil creature alive, Hades is doing his part in Greek mythology. When it comes comes down to similarities and differences, Hades and Satan share many of both.
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U go to the underworld from there u will be guged for doing bad things and good.Then u go to heaven or burn in hell with Hades and his survant Satan.i would think or not. 10th October 2019
So you go to the underworld and it's split into two parts one place there is like heaven and the other is like hell. One part to be rewarded for doing good and the other for bad and evil souls to be punished for eternity. 28th April 2019
wait so all the dead go to the underworld. then does that mean if u do good things in the mortal world, u still on to the "good"(Elysian Field) underworld instead of heaven? 24th December 2018
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