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Zeus vs. Catholic God

Coppell TX 75019, USA

There are many Gods in this world, but there are two that are very powerful and incredible. These Gods are Zeus and God from the Roman Catholic Church. Zeus is the father of gods and men. He is a sky god, this means that he controls lightning which he uses as his weapon. ( God from the Roman Catholic Church has a variety of things ar also known as powers. God and Zeus are similar in the ways that they are both head of their religion and they both take place up in the sky; however, they are different in the ways that they are from different religions and Zeus can get married but God can’t. ( Foundation 9 November 2013 at 14:42.

There are two Gods that could be very similar. These have many things that have in common for example they each a book written from their perspective like the Roman Catholic has The Bible and the Greek and Roman gods have they Mythology books or also stories about the gods. They also both are religions and they are also both head of their religions. In these two religions, they both take place up in the sky because the Greek and Roman Mythology Zeus is the leader and he is the god of sky. Also God from the Catholics he lives in heaven and thats where all the stories take place. This is all stated from the Bible and in their chapters.

Zeus and the Catholic God are similar because they both are praised by people in the outside world. This proves that if they are being praised then this mean that they could possibly have followers because they both have a moment of praise on any day and they are worshiped by others. There is also one more reason that they are the same because they both have powers and these powers are that they both are rulers, they both control their followers and their worshipers. This clearly be understood that Zeus and the Catholic God are likely similar.

In conclusion Zeus and the Catholic God are similar are similar because they are both rulers of their religion and also because they rule the sky.

Now there are many similarities that they both have but there are also differences that they both have and these are that they both a two different believers. In the Catholic religion they believe that there is only one God and one God ONLY. But for Zeus they have many gods their followers believe that all the gods help them and that they all work in different ways. They praised and they also worship all types of gods just from the Greek and Roman mythology. What this means is all different people worship different type of gods. Zeus and God from the Roman Catholic church are different because in Catholic they only have one God but in Mythology they have many gods.

In conclusion there are many gods out there in the world, but there are the two most important gods out there, Zeus and God. There were many similar things and many things that are different. Zeus and God are similar in the ways that they both are head of their religion however their followers praise them differently.

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This I, not a real thing he should not win he was way stornger 27th September 2017
My opinion about this one is that Jesus father and Zeus are only one but I am confused that Catholic church's god can't be married while Zeus can . If ever Zeus has no women in his life and no brothers and sisters who are also Gods is it possible to think that they are only one ? 26th August 2017
roman and christianity are the same.Jesus is the son of god but in the other commeent its said jesus is the son of zeus. im sooo confused but i only belive in god only. 2nd July 2017
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