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Zeus and Hera v.s Hades and Persephone

Many families don’t get along. Zeus’s family is one of those families. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are brothers. Zeus is a powerful man. His wife is Hera. He has over 115 girlfriends and over 140 kids. Hades on the other hand is the god of the underworld, the ruler of the dead. His wife is Persephone. Zeus and Hades were sons to Cronus and Rhea. Although Zeus and Hades are similar because they both fought the titans and were married but still had many lovers; however, they are different in the ways that they fell in love and where and whom they rule over.

Zeus and Hades also fought the titans. The Titans were the children of Uranus and Gaea and their descendants. Cronus was a titan. “So Zeus and his brothers and sisters joined forces to fight the titans. Zeus wanted to rule the world” (19 Loewen). Cronus was told that one of his own sons would someday take his place. This made Cronus furious. Cronus then swallowed the first five children that Rhea gave birth to. Rhea tricked him into eating a stone instead of Zeus. She sent him of so his father wouldn't find him. He came back and gave his father poison in his drink. Cronus then vomited his five kids up. Therefore Hades and Poseidon came into this world. Zeus led a war against Cronus and the other titans. The war lasted ten years. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades unleashed the Cyclopes. They defeated the titans.

Also, Zeus and Hades were married but they still had different lovers. It was no surprise to Hera that Zeus had many lovers. “Is that my husband you hiding... You’re in trouble now girlfriend” (75 Bryant). This book is by Megan E. Bryant. Hera knew Zeus was cheating on him, she took all her anger out on Zeus’s girlfriends. Hades also cheated on Persephone. “I trampled Minthe because Hades loved her” (100 Bryant). Unlike Zeus Hades only cheated once or twice. Zeus cheated so many times. He used to buy his girlfriend's clothes and jewels. Zeus had 115 girlfriends but most of them were punished by Hera.

On the other hand Zeus is in the sky whereas Hades is in the underworld. When Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon defeated the titans the Cyclopes gave them gifts. The Cyclopes gave Zeus a lightning bolt, Poseidon a trident, and Hades the realm of darkness. They then decided what they would be ruling. Zeus drew the sky, Poseidon the water, and Hades the underworld. It was clear what their territories where. “I am married to Zeus which makes me the queen of the gods” (74 Bryant). Hera said this. Zeus drew the sky he created the sky. Hades chose to draw the underworld he chose the underworld. “Persephone was a sweet little girl when she became the queen off the underworld” (103 Bryant). Hades and Persephone ruled the underworld while Zeus and Hera ruled the gods.

Zeus and Hera where some point in love while Hades and Persephone were never in love. Zeus was walking in the garden when he saw Hera in her room. Zeus fell in love with her. He shape shifted into a cuckoo and sat outside her room acting like he is frozen. She took him into her house. Zeus revealed his true identity and they got married. They also had a honeymoon that lasted 300 years. Hera said “I love all my kids all the same” (79 Bryant). If Zeus and Hera didn't love each other then they wouldn't have kids. Hades and Persephone were not in love but, they have a very good story. Persephone was Demeter and Zeus’s daughter. She was kidnapped by Hades. Persephone was playing in a field when the Earth cracked open and Hades appeared no one heard her scream. Her mother didn't stop looking. Demeter was the goddess of plants. While she looked all off the plants and crops were dying. While Hades and Persephone were down there she ate pomegranates down there. When you eat something in the underworld you stay in the underworld. So Persephone in the underworld she stayed in the underworld. Demeter made a deal with Hades that Persephone would stay down there for 6 months of the year and the other 6 months she would stay up with her mother. He agreed. When Persephone comes up out of the underworld Demeter leaves her duties and all the crops and plants die. In result winter and fall. When Persephone goes under into the underworld Demeter returns to her duties. In result spring and summer. “Kidnapped Hades takes a liking to his niece- then takes her for his queen” (102 Bryant).

So Zeus and Hades are similar because they fought the titans and they were both married but still had many lovers. They were also different because Hades was the ruler of the underworld and Zeus is the ruler of the heavens. Also Hades forced him on Persephone and Zeus and Hera were actually in love. They all have their similarities and differences. They get along sometimes and sometimes they don’t. That's just part of being brothers.

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