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Zues and Poseidon Really Similar or Really Different

A myth submitted to the site by Dani P

Coppell, USA

Compare and Contrast Essay Rough Draft

By: Dani Patrick

In the beginning of time in Greek Mythology there have been several rivalries, disagreements and allies between the Greek Gods and Goddesses. In particular Zeus and Poseidon. They each are different and yet similar. They each are brothers of Olympus. Yet they are similar in some ways, they are also different in others. Zeus and Poseidon are similar because they both are Gods and brothers; however they are different because they rule over different areas, and many more.

Zeus is similar to Poseidon because they each are gods. “Poseidon was one of the moodiest, most spiteful gods of Olympus.” This proves that Poseidon is a god because it is stating how he is a god of Olympus. He is not “The Father” of Olympus, that is Zeus. Zeus is also a god, like Poseidon but he takes on a bigger role. On the website: it states how “Zeus was the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian Gods.” This clearly illustrates that Zeus and Poseidon are similar when it comes to being a ruling God.

Another way Zeus and Poseidon are similar, other than the obvious reason that they are brothers, is Poseidon was as powerful with his trident as Zeus was of his bolt “Poseidon found new ways to get revenge such as drying up rivers and streams causing terrible drought or sending earthquakes…” (Bryant page 80.) Which is demonstrating that with being the God of the sea, he rules over that domain. Therefore showing that he would do dangerous things with his power, almost abusing it to get back at someone. Zeus being the Father of all Gods in itself is an example that if he is in charge he already has a lot of power. it claims that, “Zues was the god of the sky and ruler of Olympian God’s.” With being ruler of Olympus there comes big responsibility and a lot of power. On it states that, “Zeus was the punisher of the wicked. Known for punishing those that lie or break oaths.” Therefore proving that each of them have the authority to do something which involves power.

Zeus and Poseidon are different because one of them is in desperate need to take anger management! When Poseidon has temper tantrums it proves that he has anger. For example, “ Similarly, Nereus the Old Man of the Sea wasn’t really considered on par with Poseidon, who was known to drive his chariot through the waves in unquestioned dominance.” Therefore proving that when he gets angry he has the tendency to overreact, which some people did not agree with, like the Old Man. This clearly proves that when Poseidon gets mad he gets revenge by doing things that would be a disservice to the land like sink a ship, flood a city, or even causing an earthquake. In conclusion they are different because Zeus actually controls his anger and Poseidon does not.

Another way the two brothers are different is they each rule over different domains of Olympus. Once Zeus snuck a potion into his father Cronus’s drink it caused him to vomit all of his swallowed whole siblings, he had a war and overthrew his father. Each sibling got a different domain but, “ Zeus was the ruler of the sky and ruler of Olympian Gods.” “ Zeus was the youngest son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. When he was born, his father Cronus intended to swallow him as he did all of Zeus’s siblings.”(Bryan 161) This proves that Zeus was not swallowed by his father causing him to save his siblings. After saving his siblings there turned out to be a war. When the war was over they had overthrown his father causing Zeus to receive the ruler.

In conclusion Zeus and Poseidon are similar and different. They each are God’s but rule over different domains. In the end you can have multiple arguments for why they are similar and different.


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By Dani P
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