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Zeus vs. Odin

A myth submitted to the site by Jacob H

Zeus vs. Odin

A lot of gods have major powers which cause them to have a lot of responsibility. But most of them are more similar than you think. Zeus and Odin are similar because both of them are wise and powerful and ruler of their kingdoms. But Zeus and Odin can be different because they control different realms and they have different responsibilities.

Zeus's title from John Malams book Gods and Goddesses on page 36 said, “Zeus was the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods.’ Zeus lives on mount Olympus which is a completely different world than Odin. Mount Olympus is located in Greece whereas Odin lives on Asgard which is a planet millions miles away from earth.

Zeus is also the, ‘Protector of the weak…” (Malam 36) Zeus is virtually indestructible and lives forever. Odin only lives for about 1000 years. Most people imagine Zeus as a tall creature with a white robe, long hair and a crown.

Zeus and Odin are similar because they are both rulers of their world. ‘Zeus, the mighty ruler of the Olympian gods.” (Malam 36) And for Odin, ‘Rules all things and mighty though the other gods are, yet they submit to him like children to their father.’ (Thorne 53)

Zeus and Odin are both mystical creatures that people worship. Zeus and Odin are both not afraid to fight. ‘Odin the Norse god punishes the bad...’ (Thorne 53) Odin judged everyone if they did a crime. ‘Zeus the punisher of the wicked…” (Malam 36) Zeus also helped judge to see if the dead went into the underworld.

Odin is the opposite of Zeus because he is the god of death and war. “God of war, death, poetry and wisdom.’ (Thorne 53) He has beaten the frost giants and the dark elves. The two largest and most powerful armies.

Odin is very wise and patient whereas Zeus is constantly going around and doing things and he is very stubborn. ‘Odin very wise himself…’ (Thorne 53) His eye patch was from a special trade he had with a god. He traded his left eye for all the wisdom in the world. People with wisdom are normally patient.

Odin and Zeus are very powerful people but they have complete opposites. Odin is wise whereas Zeus is Stubborn. They both control their worlds but only Zeus is immortal.

By Jacob H
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