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A myth submitted to the site by TylerHarris

TheSwampOfLostSouls, Tyroninya

Far far away in a forgotten swamp where 1000 souls rest, an adventurer step foot on a journey where he would release the souls to where they belong.

It was a full moon just the right night as the young adventurer was extremely thirsty he got his bottle and filled it with the water of the swamp he began to sink DOWN DOWN DOWN he became covered in souls of the dead as his head went down he closed his eyes and he tried to force him self back didn't work.

He sunk down and realised he was in a whole new world. There was a book next to him he could only just make out the writing as it was in the language of the ancients; his dad long before he passed away told him how to read it. It told of a supernatural being that kept all the souls called TheSoulKeeper and that you can only release the souls by killing him. The adventurer went on to kill him as he had a sword that he called eclipse that could kill all undead and unholy.

He had to go through a labyrinth filled with puzzles and mind tricks to stop him as TheSoulKeeper was a so called king so he was protected by many of the undead. The adventurer finally came to a stop as a wall blocked his path. TheSoulKeeper rose from the ground they had an epic battle; at one point TheSoulKeeper tried to suck the soul out of the adventurer but he fought back with his sword of diamond encrusted gold. TheSoulKeeper floated up and exploded as the sound of 1000 souls was released. Behind the explosion fell a cursed golden gem, he knew it was cursed so he did not pick it was forced to his hands by a poltergeist he had the curse of a were-wolf as it was a full moon he shape-shifted in to the beast and he became the new SoulKeeper...

By TylerHarris
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