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The Legend of Perseus and Aparathes

A myth submitted to the site by Jaewon Choi

Athens, Ancient Greece

Two thousand five hundred years ago there was a peaceful city called Athens. It was a hot sun-drenched day and people gathered in the agora. A man, who was sitting under a cool shade, was having a nice hair cut by a bobber. A shopkeeper, who was wearing with glistening yellow chiton, was pouring scrumptious cheese into a customer’s basket. A young slave, who had long beautiful hair, was chatting to another slave. A donkey, which smelt absolutely stinky, was staring at some delicious looking tangerines. The smell of the apples in the air was scrumptious. Two men, who were holding two oranges at each of their hands, were fighting very nastily, so that everyone in the agora stared at them. A fishmonger, who was walking around the agora, smelled absolutely rancid. The blacksmith’s knives were glistening in the day light. Little did they know about the terror that was heading to Athens…

Aparathes was the most dominant creature in the whole of Greece and the whole of Mount Olympus. He had the body of a wolf, the legs of an eagle and a hammer-like tail. He was also the son of Hades. He hated the people in Athens because many years before they had gone to the temple and asked the gods to curse him. As a result, during the morning he became a golden sheep that was the son of Apollo, and at night time he became his normal form. He always wanted to revenge them. His body smelt like rancid rotten flesh that had been left in the sun for six months. Its eyes were gleaming fire in the gates of Tartarus. His mouth’s poison was as strong as Cerberus’ deadly venom. He was a courageous lion in a battle that can demolish the Spartan army and the Persian forces. His claws were a powerful ambuscade that never lets go.

As Aparathes approached Athens, a wave a terror was heading to the citizens. A prosperous man, who was having a warm bath, saw the terrifying monster approaching and ran away naked, but Aparathes caught him and ripped him in to pieces and ate him raw. A clumsy Greek soldier, with Greek fire in his hand, accidently threw the fire on his foot and died. As the monster annihilated the colonnade that was in the agora, people ran around and bumped into each other. An Oracle was under a tholos got eaten by the sanguinary creature. Some people killed themselves. Soldiers were shooting arrows at the citizens because Aparathes controlled them. People exclaimed “We are soooo dead!” Rivers of blood was flowing in the agora while the creature left…

Survivors decided they want revenge. The king of Athens went to beg the Olympian gods for a hero to save them. Athena, the patron goddess of Athens, sent Perseus to save Athens. He was muscular, forceful and courageous and was strong enough to beat Ares in a fight. When he met the king, they demanded that he had to kill the monster and if he didn’t, he would die. Now Perseus was on his way to the dominant creature Aparathes, but Perseus never knew how powerful the monster could be…

As Perseus went to the village where the monster lived, he was shocked by how horrible the village was. As he crept in the cave where Aparathes was, the monster was roaring inside. Perseus felt scared, but he went in. The monster ran out and bit him. Perseus took out his sword and tried to kill the monster, but the poison of Aparathes injured him. He rose up and used all his strength and threw his sword at the monster and he slowly died. The monster was poked by Perseus’ sword and he screamed and died as well. The monster and Perseus were both dead lying on the ground peacefully.

Zeus, Perseus’ father, bought him back to life. Perseus went up to Mount Olympus. When Perseus returned to Mount Olympus, Zeus and the other gods were getting ready for a symposium. Dionysus was making wine out of pure grapes and other gods were decorating Mount Olympus. Zeus was dancing with Aphrodite and Ares was skirmishing with Athena. Dionysus was getting intoxicated with Chiron. Pan was making trees grow, but Dionysus knocked him down. Dionysus was so drunk, he pounced on Zeus’ back, so Zeus fired a lightning bolt at him and Dionysus fell down to the floor. Chiron was rolling on the table and he fell down. Apollo was making fireworks, but he accidently shot one at Artemis, who in return shot Apollo with the arrow. Dionysus was pouring wine on Perseus’ head. Perseus jumped around and fell down at Hera’s feet, so Hera turned him into a bear, but Zeus turned him back. Hermes was airborne above the gods and bumped into a colonnade. Hephaestus was making a golden glistening sword with the writing Perseus engraved upon it. All the other gods were giving glorious presents to Perseus.

Zeus honored Perseus by making him a minor god, so Perseus became immortal and married Aphrodite’s daughter and lived in Mount Olympus forever. Perseus was having superior days, but Perseus and the other gods never knew the conflict against the Titans and the fall of Olympus and the Olympians. Only the Titans knew the devastation of Olympus. To be continued…

By Jaewon Choi
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