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Herodian's Adventure

A myth submitted to the site by Alice Wikstrom

Crete, Ancient Greece

2500 years ago in Ancient Greece, there was a stunning, peaceful island called Crete. One scorching, boiling day the agora was cramped with people. There were furious citizens asking if the shopkeepers could lower the price, there were screaming children looking for their parents. There was also a sickening smell of a donkey, which was secretly stealing some fresh, juicy oranges from a poor slave! A rich man sitting under the shade was getting a hear cut and a nice relaxing massage in the barber’s shop. There were loud shopkeepers yelling ‘come and buy our delicious sardines!’ Two young, beautiful slaves were carrying amphorae on their heads talking about how much they hated their jobs and masters. There was a salty smell drifting though the loud agora. But no one knew what terror was heading its way…

Sud was the strongest monster in the whole of Ancient Greece. He was the Gorgans’ pet and they had sent him to go find the powerful crystal which belonged to Athena! He had a body of a horse, the wings of an eagle, the head of a rhino and a bird’s beak. Its grey horns were as keen edged as shark’s teeth and if it touched you, you would get an electric shot! Its tail was a filthy gooey worm slithering on the hard dry ground. A rancid garbage dump, which had been festering in the sun for eight years, had the smell of its breath. Its muscular legs were as strong and tough as a colonnade.

As Sud approached the small village, a wave of terror washed over the people. There was a lady who ran into a wall and bumped her head so she fell flat on the floor. Then Sud stepped on her and blood came squirting out! There was an old lady with her baby who did not want to die. she was running and accidently threw her baby away and it landed on the floor! After that the monster ate it. There was an old slave who was screaming “HELP” But then sadly the monster threw the slave onto the ground so one of his legs flew off! A rich man, who was running around like crazy, ran into a colonnade and fell on a razor sharp rock and hit his head so the rock was sticking out at the other end and his brain was coming out of his ears. He sadly died! There was a river of blood flowing past the agora! There were also tons of body parts which had covered the ground. The monster had destroyed the beautiful village.

After the war, Sud had fallen asleep in the middle of the village. So all of the survivors came out of their hiding spots and decided that they wanted revenge! Athena had seen everything and was worried that Sud would steal her crystal. She had a son named Herodian, who had brown hair, brown eyes and was born with tiny wings which were underneath a beautiful white chiton. He was from Sparta. Athena had told him all about it and asked, “Please Herodian, would you like to help me destroy Sud?”
“Yes, yes, yes!” replied Herodian.
“Ok, here is a razor sharp knife to help you stab the monster and here is a cape which will help you hide when you don’t know what to do!”
“Thank you very much!”
“You’re welcome. Remember to be careful!”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah who cares, I will be fine. I promise!”
“Bye sweetie!”
“Bye mum!”
Now Herodian was about to head off and start his adventure…

Herodian had arrived in Crete the following day. He had taken a boat. He went to the village which everything had happened in and saw the monster! He hid behind destroyed colonnade. Herodian heard a big roar! It was Sud which had woken up. He felt very nervous but knew that he had to stay strong. He quietly turned around and started running towards Sud. Sud saw him. Herodian kept running. Sud flew up into the air. So did Herodian. Herodian took out his sword. He then fell to the ground. Sud flew down and charged towards him. His horn hit his leg so he got an electric shot. He was lying down for a while! Then woke up again! He stood up. He did not know what to do. So he hid behind his cape. They were both confused. Then Herodian found out that his cape was magical! It had made him invisible! He sat there for a while thinking what he should do. Then he turned around and stabbed Sud right in his heart! Herodian had killed Sud! He was so pleased!

When the battle was over everyone was so cheerful especially Athena! They all decided to have a symposium so they could celebrate! The symposium was full of people! There was an acrobat showing off his skills by doing handstands and back flips on a table! A young slave, who was dancing to the music, looked very beautiful! A woman was helping her son serve wine to the people on the sofas. A drunken man, who was riding a chicken, was asking for more wine! Herodian was lying on the sofa exhausted while talking to the king of Crete, who was called Sam. Sam was wondering if Herodian would like to become king of Crete because he was getting too old, so he had to retire. Herodian was very thrilled. “Yes!” said Herodian with pleasure.

Before Herodian went to his new home he flew up to say thank you to Athena. When Herodian had arrived it was very late at night so he went to bed. On the following day, there was a huge volcano eruption close to his house so Herodian sadly died! So now on 15th April everyone remembers him by celebrating!

By Alice Wikstrom
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Name: Shadow 18th February 2014
COOl seriously epic
Name: Jihyun 14th February 2014
I love your adjectives!
Name: Orion 7th January 2014
Great story! I liked the part when Herodian just said "yeah yeah yeah" to the mum!
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