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The Great Battle

Athens, Ancient Greece

2625 years ago, in the gorgeous city of Athens, people were chatting away in the deafening agora. A huge statue of Demeter stood at the very end of the agora. A man, who was sitting below the tent of a barber, was getting his hair cut. The foul smell of sardines filled the air. “The taste of this cheese is scrumptious!” exclaimed a customer. A shopkeeper was gossiping to the shopkeeper next door about the bloody Trojan War that Greece had just won. A slave, who was balancing an amphora on her head, was chatting with another slave. A fishmonger, who was holding a glistening knife, was talking to an irate customer about the freshness of the fish. A shopkeeper, who was selling cheese, compared the weight of the cheese with a metal weight that weighed one pound. A fruit seller was shouting, “Fresh, juicy fruits! Anyone want any? Freshly picked grapes!” Three men were arguing about whose amphora was the best. A beautiful, elegant music came out of nowhere. Oh! It was a lady sitting in the corner playing a lyre! An acanthus, a kind of plant with thick scalloped leaves, was being carved onto a colonnade using a sharp instrument. It was a noisy, boiling day in the agora. Little did they know what kind of terror they were about to meet…

Demon Ghoul was the most violent creature in the whole of Ancient Greece. It had the body of the eagle, the legs of the horse and the tail of a handful of snakes. He detested the people of Athens because he wanted to help his father, Poseidon, revenge. Why? Because Poseidon and Athena had had a contest to see who should be the god or goddess of Athens. Athena had won the contest by giving the citizens of Athens an Olive tree. His eyes were sharper than anything that had ever lived. A boulder that would never break was his beak. His body smelt like rancid flesh that had been left outside for two months. The eyes of his snakes could turn people into stone immediately. His wings could beat rapidly for a decade. His muscular legs could dash as fast as a cheetah at full speed. His chest was as bristly as a mammoth. His body smelt like a skunk that hadn’t taken a bath for an eternity. Anyone who got too close to his dagger-like keen-edged beak would get killed.

Demon Ghoul approached Athens and a wave of terror washed over its citizens. He grabbed a handful of people and popped their heads off and shoved their bodies into his mouth. A man cried because his wife was one of the victims. No one knew that the monster could control their minds. A lady, who was paralysed with fear, got picked up and eaten without her noticing! Some slaves screamed and fell into a bottomless well, or at least you can’t see the bottom, and were never seen again. A woman, who was controlled by the monster, threw her newborn at the monster. Someone was shouting, “Run people!” but didn’t finish his sentence and was eaten. People screamed and ran around in circles and some even jumped off buildings or cliffs! A person, who was controlled by the monster, ran straight down the monster’s throat. The monster ran into Athena’s temple and Athena exclaimed, “How dare you run into my Parthenon! This will be your punishment!” and an Olive tree fell from the sky when Demon Ghoul went out. When Demon Ghoul finally left, the agora was destroyed awfully. The monster destroyed hundreds of buildings. When he left, there was hardly anything that was still standing. The agora looked like a lake of blood. The monster left no peace.

The survivors of the violent destruction were terribly upset. They wanted revenge. So, they started off to the king of Athens. They wanted to tell the king that they needed a hero or a heroine. The king said that he could do nothing; after all he still had a whole city to care for! The survivors were really mad, but it was true. When they were heading back to their town, suddenly a teenager fell from the sky! She looked just like a normal teenager from Greece with long black curly hair tied on both sides, big round eyes, a chiton at knee length, and dangly owl earrings. She had a sword tied on her back and a shield in her hand. But indeed she wasn’t a normal teenager. The leader of the survivors asked her, “Who are you? And where did you come from?”
She replied, “I’m Callidora, the daughter of Athena,”
“Oh my gosh! You are the daughter of ATHENA?” exclaimed the leader.
“Indeed I am!” replied Callidora proudly.
“Are you our heroine?” asked the leader.
“What are you talking about?”Asked Callidora.
“You don’t know what happened?” the leader asked surprisingly.
“I’m not here because my mother sent me to help you guys. I’m here because I was terribly naughty on Mount Olympus and my mum said I needed to help some mortals, then I can go back to Mount Olympus,” replied Callidora.
“You’re from Mount Olympus?!” cried the leader.
“Yup I am, besides from that, I can hear noises from 1 millos away!” replied Callidora proudly again.
“You must help us then!” exclaimed the survivors all together.
“Okay, fine, I will help you guys if you tell me what happened,” replied Callidora.
“This is what happened; a monster attacked our local agora and killed our loved ones! Your job is to kill the monster,” explained the leader quickly.
“You want ME to KILL the MONSTER?” yelled Callidora.
“Of course!” shouted the survivors all together again.
“Okay, fine, I will,” said callidora reluctantly.
“Hooray!!!” shouted the survivors. So off they went back to the agora. Will Callidora win? Or will the monster win? Who knows what will happen…
When they approached the agora, suddenly Callidora shouted, “It’s coming back!”
“Who?” asked the leader.
“The monster!” replied Callidora frantically.
“Hide!” screamed Callidora.

After that, everyone ran off to hide; soon enough Callidora could see no one. She heard a noise. Then she heard thundering galloping sounds. It was a monster. She could see his face now. It was an eagle, with a horse’s body and a snake’s tail. She wanted to hide. She couldn’t walk. She wanted to faint. It came closer. She felt for her sword, she grabbed her shield. She felt nervous. The feeling was strange. She knew she had to kill the monster. Demon Ghoul suddenly ran towards her. His beak had just missed her chest. She was starting to feel dizzy. But she had to save the survivors. Demon Ghoul turned around and charged again. You could tell he was aiming for her head. She moved. It snapped her hair tie in half. It was a close miss. Demon Ghoul kept on running. This time she charged. She aimed at his leg. She cut it off. Demon Ghoul yelped. He fell. Then he caught his balance. He now flew. Blood was dripping. She stabbed her sword into his eye. He screamed. He couldn’t see. He fell. She cut his head off. It grew back. She almost fainted. Its leg grew back. It kicked her in the shin. She couldn’t run. Would she die? Or would she kill the monster? She wasn’t sure. It started to charge towards her. She knew this was her last chance to win. She would either win or die. She took out her sword. It kept on charging. She leaned the handle against her chest. When Demon Ghoul was just about to stab her guts out, he pinned the sword into its heart. It shrieked. There was a deadly silence. The monster collapsed. Time seemed to go so slowly. She had finally won. She had beaten the undefeatable. Suddenly she shouted,”I won!” and all of the people came out of their hiding place.

The survivors were shouting, “Hooray!” People decided to throw a symposium for Callidora, but she said she had to go back to Mount Olympus. They argued for a while but decided that her choice was more important. So they said their goodbyes and off she went. She now had her powers back so she could fly. She flew up back to Mount Olympus. When she got back, Athena said,” I am very proud of you, Callidora,”

“We decided to throw a symposium for you,” announced Zeus. And they started organising the symposium. When the symposium started, everyone was enjoying themselves. There were gods, goddesses, nymphs, and some minor gods. There were acrobats performing stunts on a table. Aphrodite was dancing with Ares. Dionysus, who was clearly far too drunk, asked for more wine! A nymph was playing two flutes at once, another nymph, who was holding a lyre in her hands, was talking to a third nymph. A servant was about to give more wine to Zeus when someone out of nowhere pulled her away. They had a pig on spit! The gods, goddesses, and the nymphs had a wonderful time. In Athens, people were making a statue of Callidora as a reminder of the great battle. If you go to any agora in Athens now, you can still see her statue to this day.

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