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The Unusual End...

A myth submitted to the site by Rimsha Noor

Northampton, England

Jemma’s heart was pounding furiously in her chest; being left alone in a maze of a house for a week was tough, especially for a girl who was only 14. Her parents were strange; had they thought work was far more important than their dear daughter? Brushing her tear streaked face with one very pale hand, she raised her chocolate eyes along with her pale, bony chin and realised she didn’t care.

Jemma tied her flower printed blanket tightly around her waist and clung to her feet. Her chin was still trembling, carrying her deep, red, lips. She had decided that she would spend the night in the living room; at least there was a TV there to keep her some company.

The endless journey from her bedroom to the old fashioned living room was filled with fear; her eyes kept rolling back and forth; she wanted to be well aware if any sinister sight lurked in.
When she finally reached the red as blood sofa in the living room, she sagged upon it, pushing her dark curls out of sight. Just then, an alarming sound shook her slightly. She grabbed out her phone from her trouser pocket, she had realised that the sound was of her ringtone, and pressed her phone on her tiny ears.

“Hello? Who is it?” Jemma asked, her words trembling slightly. “Hey Jemma, you told me your home alone? Didn’t yah? Well you’re in danger, there’s, uh… there’s a clown going around town, and it has murdered view teenagers, and... And it is in your area!” she heard her best friend shout in her ear. “What are you talking about Lily? Stop this joke right now! And wi-...” Before Jemma could finish her sentence, there came an obvious knock on the door.
She tilted her brown eyes towards the similar brownie coloured door. “Who is it? Lily, is that you?” No one answered from the door, instead, it was Lily who answered on the phone. “Are you okay? I’m on the phone Jemma, what is it?” Jemma disconnected the phone.
There came another knock, she ventured across the living room towards the eerie feeling behind the dreadful door… The door flung open…
“Aaaahhh! Please don’t hurt me!” Jemma begged to the face which was white as snow and had blood coloured curls sprouting from it’s head, the shape resembling cauliflower. “Your next!” the clown replied in whispers. “No!” Just as Jemma opened her terrified eyes, a tunnel formed in her mouth. The sinister sight revealed itself, by taking of the clown mask… It was Jade, Jemma’s classmate, her other best friend.
“Why, you SILLY little!” Jemma reached for the deep dark cushion, and flung it towards Jade, lover of practical jokes.
“OKAY, okay, I’m sorry! It was all Lily’s idea! She phoned me that you were home alone, so we made this plan of throwing a prank on you!” they burst out laughing.
After a while, they both sat on the sofa and Jemma grinned, she knew now that she had someone sitting next to her who could mean her no harm…
Out side, the full moon reflected the sun with all its might, sending a queer feeling through the windy atmosphere.
Inside, Jemma and Jade started a conversation, a very spooky one indeed…

“What if there was actually a clown, oh, what if there was a vampire looming in, with its fang and all! That would be wicked!” Jemma could see that Jade was getting excited. “Jade, that knife you brought along, is it real?” Jemma asked peering over Jade’s straight, blond, hair, to the knife which was now placed on the coal coloured table. “Of course not! Why would I need a real knife? YOU’RE not a vampire are you? Anyway, I would need a sharp wood for that,” Jade chuckled.
Jade placed her square face on her palm carelessly. “Wouldn’t be nice if Lily was here too? Why don’t you phone her, scolding her, the way you did to me,” she chuckled some more, expecting Jemma to join in, but had no response. Her head was still dug in her palms, when Jemma replied, “No, I think it is perfectly fine, for Lily to be left out of here, it would be very tricky for me, to attack both of you while I’m very young.”

Jade lifted her head, and if she had done it any quicker, she would have noticed two unused, very white fangs, lurk out underneath the lips of who was seated next to her. “J..Je..Jemma… these, these fangs are fake right?” Jade lost track of her words and collapsed on the freezing floor. “Thank you, you are truly a best friend, you have made it very easy for me, on my first day of judgment, I’ve already caught a prey, sorry the prey came to me!” Jemma cackled. “But.. you can’t do this!” Tears slid down Jade’s cheeks, like rain, dripping down glass. “I will miss you with all my heart, best friend, wait, I don’t have a heart, and will soon have no friend called Jade either!” And as Vampire Jemma, pounced on her prey, she whispered, “Isn’t this just, the unusual end!..”

By Rimsha Noor
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