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The Sword of Might

A myth submitted to the site by Awais Abid

Smirk valley and Zealand, England

The Sword of Might

M.A Abid

   Oliver Crown was a boy of twelve. He lived with his grandmother in a beautiful cottage between the farms. The city was not very far from there. Oliver’s grandmother was very kind and loving. She used to tell him stories to make his boring time after school, a happy one. Oliver had no living relatives, as his grandmother had told him.
On the New Year's Day after dinner, Oliver sat on his soft and warm bed with a cup of hot chocolate in his hand. He saw the snow fall covering the trees, from his window. His grandmother entered the room.
“Enjoying the hot chocolate, are you?” she said softly. “Yes, grandma.” said Oliver.
His grandmother settled herself on the bed and said sadly “Your father left this world on new year.” There was a moment’s silence.
“I miss him.” said Oliver.
“It's 1940 already and my memories are still fresh. It looks like it was just yesterday that your parents left the world.”
Both Oliver and his grandmother sat quite for some minutes. Oliver thought about changing the subject. “Oh Grandma, how about a story?” he said.
“I remember a wonderful story for you.” She said “I can’t imagine why I didn’t tell you this before.”
“Go on.” said Oliver with a ray of excitement in his voice. His grandmother began the story. It was like this.


Many years ago there lived a king named Darius. His kingdom was big and beautiful and most importantly, strong. Every neighbor kingdom feared its power except one. That kingdom was ruled by a mighty fighter called Nestone. King Darius had once defeated him in a war but returned his kingdom. That time was when people used to fight with swords and rode on horses.

Now, in the kingdom of Darius there was happiness and joy everywhere. The streets were decorated and the houses were painted colorfully. People were wearing beautiful clothes and celebrating the eleventh birthday of the King’s only son, Adam. He was a kind and nice boy who could never stop thinking about when he will be a king and rule the kingdom.
King Darius had given a big party to the people of his kingdom, Zealand. He was in his castle celebrating the party with Adam. Adam was opening the gifts he had received from the people. Lots of people had gathered around him. He opened a big gift with his father’s name on it. The gift was a beautiful crown and a wonderful suit. King Darius smiled at him.

 Adam saw a long thing wrapped in black paper in the pile of gifts. He stepped towards it and removed the black paper. It was a shiny silver sword of a wonderful shape. Adam loved it. He had always wanted to become a sword fighter.
 He raised it up and it shined. “Who sent this gift? I love it!” he said. No one spoke up.

The party lasted a long time. The sun had set and it was dark outside. People went to their houses. Adam went to his room with his gifts being carried by two servants. He placed the gifts in a big wardrobe and asked the servants to go. He wore the clothes his father had given him. He looked great. He wore the crown and took the sword. He looked just like a fighter in royal clothes. "I look like a king..." he said "I look like a KING!!!"

He went down to the great hall where the king was sitting. “Look, dad! I am a fighter” he said. King Darius said “You will become a fighter one day and every one will fear your might.” The Queen, Adam’s mother, laughed.
Suddenly two soldiers opened the door of the hall and ran in to the king. Both were breathing like they have run in the whole kingdom. One soldier spoke “Your majesty, there’s enemy in the kingdom, Nestone have brought a great army. Our border defense is destroyed!”
The king stood up from his chair fast “What? Nestone? Quick, assemble the army!”
The soldiers ran out. The king went out fast. Adam guessed that they were under attack. The queen took him to a big chamber hidden in the castle. She also went out. Nestone had attacked the kingdom with his powerful army of skilful fighters. King Darius’s army was finally defeated. Adam came out of the castle to see what was going on. As he left the castle, he saw hundreds of people lying on the ground. They were all fainted or dead.

Adam ran towards the river. He saw a big army spreading in the whole kingdom. His father was on his horse fighting the army. A muscular man moved ahead and punched him from the back. He fell down. The queen was already arrested by the enemy. Adam knew that he was no longer a prince and he was going to be put in prison soon so he ran and ran and ran. He ran towards the bridge at the end of the kingdom and he crossed the bridge. He saw five soldiers chasing him.
Nestone was killed by Darius but his son, Dirk took over the kingdom.
He just ran forward into the forest and ran and ran and ran. Finally the soldiers turned back and went away. Adam ran very far away from the kingdom and finally fell down under a tree and because of tiredness he fell asleep.
Next day when he opened his eyes he saw a young boy just like him. The young boy was looking at him confusingly. Adam was scared. He stood up and stepped backwards saying “who are you? Don’t come near me!” He had his sword tied in his belt. He pulled it up and pointed it towards the young boy.
The boy said “Calm down! I won’t hurt you.” He was wearing a red fighting suit. Adam lowered his sword saying “Who are you?”
The young boy said “Uhh, I am Jasper! I live in a valley a few miles ahead. But who are you?”
Adam said “You won’t believe if I tell you!”
“Try me!” said Jasper.
Adam said “I am a... a… Uhh…” He stopped.
Jasper said “You are a?”
Adam spoke “I was a prince of Zealand but now I am an ordinary boy!”
Jasper amazed “You were a Prince? Wow! But what happened now?”
“Oh it’s a long story!” said Adam.
“I have a long time!” Jasper replied. Both sat down.

Adam spoke up “Many years before I was born, my father king Darius ruled Zealand. Once a neighbor kingdom attacked Zealand and tried to take over it but it was defeated! The kingdom’s ruler was Nestone. His two elder sons were killed in the battle and one escaped. Nestone’s kingdom was now in Darius’s control but Darius returned it to Nestone. He said “Never attack Zealand again or you will cry on your doings.” Nestone went back. Years passed and last night Nestone returned for revenge of his elder sons’ death. His third son was with him. He killed my father, the king. I think he took over the kingdom!”
Jasper was listening attentively to Adam and when Adam finished he said “Wow!” There was a short pause and then Adam became sad and more sad and then more sad. He missed his parents. A fire for revenge was burning inside him but he couldn’t do a thing.

Jasper said “So you have nowhere to go?”
“Well, No!” Adam replied. He placed his sword on the ground. Jasper said “Well I suggest you come and live with me, in the Snirk valley not so far from here!” Adam thought a little and then said “I can’t go back to Zealand, nor could I go anywhere else so OK! I will come with you!”
Adam and Jasper started walking deep into the forest. They walked for half an hour and then reached a lake. There were many people standing near the lake. Adam and Jasper borrowed a boat and crossed the lake. They reached a beautiful place.
The place was full of houses and paths. Jasper said “Welcome to Snirk valley!”
Adam asked “Won’t it cost money to live here?” Jasper replied “Nope! Here, everything is free for everyone! We just need to visit the king for his permission to live here!”

Both of them walked into the valley and visited the king. Adam told the king about what happened with him. The king granted him permission to live in the valley. Jasper took Adam to a house at the end of the valley. He said “This is my house! I live here!” They entered the house. Four big boys were standing there.
Adam asked “You live here alone with these guys?”
“Yes! The king gave us this house to live! He always helps the orphans” replied Jasper. Jasper introduced every friend of his to Adam.
Adam became their friend and started living there. He had decided that he will never leave that house now. One day all of them were sitting in the living room. Suddenly the eldest boy caught sight of Adam’s sword.
His faced turned white like a ghost.
He said “It’s the sword of might! Look guys, the sword of might!”
Adam said “The what?”
The boy said “Yes, the sword of Might. This sword is a legend. Don’t you know about it?”
Adam replied “Well… No!”
The boy said “The sword of might was made by a magician. He gifted it to the king of that area. With the sword in hand, the king was nearly invincible. The sword of might had magical powers. The king could not be defeated. But when the king died, the sword was lost. Then it appeared to another king, and then another and to twelve different kings. Now it’s here!”   
Adam stood up saying “But I am not a king! Why is it with me?”
Jasper said “Maybe you would be a king! If you go back to Zealand and defeat the King!”
Adam said “But I don’t know how to swordfight! I am just eleven years old!”
The boys said “I have a plan! We all learn to fight from a school in this valley! You should join us! It’s free! Then, when you would be a real fighter you could defeat the king of Zealand!”
Adam agreed to this decision and joined to Fight Arts School also. He was learning the best way to fight, getting ready to be a king! He had in his mind that when he would be strong enough, he will return to Zealand.

8 years later…

Adam had grown up. He was still living in the Snirk valley. He was the most powerful fighter of the valley. He had the sword of Might also. His friends with whom he lived were also great fighters.
He was in the forest with a big army of well trained fighters. The king had given him the army to defeat the King of Zealand, Dirk. He was ready to fight a war with the help of his army and be a king.
Jasper was also with him. He had the sword of might tied in his belt. The army set out for battle. They were riding towards Zealand on horses. After some time, they reached the border of Zealand.

Dirk (the king of Zealand) was unaware of the war so he had no army ready for battle. But on the entrance of Zealand there were many soldiers protecting the border.
Adam led his army to the border and the war began. Dirk’s army was fighting Adam’s army. The Fight was fierce. Dirk was soon informed about the war by his soldiers. The battle field was full of soldiers and fighters on horses.
During the war, Adam set out for the castle of Zealand, on his horse. In the way, he found Dirk and five enemy soldiers blocking his way.
“Who are you stranger and why have you attacked us? You dare not mess with my army!” Dirk shouted.
“I am here to take my place in this kingdom! I am the rightful king of Zealand and you can’t defeat me!” Adam said.
Dirk shouted “Attack!” The soldiers attacked Adam. Adam took out his sword and fought bravely.
In a few strikes all the five soldiers were down on the ground. Dirk roared and rode towards Adam. Adam attacked Dirk with his sword. Dirk blocked it. Now began the fierce fight.
Both fighters were attacking and blocking each other with their swords. Adam was winning but suddenly Dirk hit Adam’s horse. The horse fell down and Adam landed on the ground. The fight continued. Adam’s army had already defeated Dirk’s soldiers. Adam attacked Dirk with full power and made him fall down.
Dirk was lying flat on the ground and Adam had pointed his sword on Dirk’s neck. Dirk was frightened. Adam said “See…I WIN!”
Dirk said “Who are you?”
Adam said “I am his son! King Darius’s son!”
Dirk shivered “You were dead! My soldiers killed you!”
Adam said “No they didn’t! They just chased me!”

Adam imprisoned Dirk and took over the kingdom. He made himself the king and introduced himself to the people. All the people were happy to have a faithful king back.
Soon, the whole Zealand was full of happiness and joy. Adam made Snirk valley a part of Zealand and asked Jasper and his friends to live with him. They agreed and came to his castle. The kingdom was now repaired.
Dirk had burnt many houses of people to make them fear him. Adam expanded the kingdom by cutting some trees and planting thousand more on the other side of kingdom.
Now he was the most powerful king and because of the Sword of Might, he was famous.
Oliver listened to the whole story with interest and at the end he could only say “Wow!” and he couldn’t think of any other thing, or dream of something else, all night.


By Awais Abid
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