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Pandora's box

Athens, Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece there were two brothers called Epimetheus and Prometheus. They upset the gods but Zeus, in particular. As a punishment Zeus took away the ability to make fire which means they can't cook their meat or keep themselves warm.

However Prometheus was clever. At the Isle of lemnos lived Hephaestos. There was a fire burning in his forge to keep himself warm. Zeus was furious about Prometheus's behaviour. Zeus was determined to give Prometheus a punishment.

Zeus thought of a cunning plan. He made a beatiful maiden out of clay. The goddess Athene made her come to life. Aphrodite made her pretty and beautiful. Zeus called her Pandora. Zeus send it as a gift to Epimetheus.

His brother Prometheus had warned him not to accept any gifts from the gods. But Epimetheus was charmed by the beauty of Pandora so he agreed to marry her.

Zeus's plan was working. Zeus gave Pandora a wedding gift . It was a golden box. There was one important condition. She must not open it.

She was tempted to open the box. She doesn't get why someone sends her a gift when you can't even open it. This is just what Zeus has planned.

Pandora couldn't stand it any longer. She got the key and tried to open the box. At her third attemp she thought how angry her husband will be when he finds out. She would go mad if she didn't see what was inside it.

She took the key slid it into the lock and twisted the lock She opened the box expecting there suppose to be piles of coins, diamonds, dresses and even necklaces.

There were no gold coins no bracelets and no jewellry. Zeus has put in all the diseases he could think of. Out came death, out came misery, out came poverty and the flies stung her.

Epimetheus ran into the room to see why Pandora was crying. She opened the lid once more.

All that remained in the box was hope. Even though Pandora released bad dieseases she also let hope follow. Hope dragonfly healed her stungs. Slowly she got healed.

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