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Why is the sun yellow ?

A myth submitted to the site by Alissa

Guyana , Guyana

We should make the sun yellow instead of it all ways is white, Said the butterfly.
What color should we make it then if we would have to change the color, Said Lilly the butterfly sister.
We should make it brown, said Anothe butterfly.
No we should make it green, said another butterfly.
No I think purple. said another butterfly.
NO I think it should be yellow because it would shine bright in the sky And people can see.

Then every one started to agree to that one butterfly who said the sun should be yellow.
Then this one little butterfly asked how will the sun become yellow. In the sky can we say yellow sun.
Then this one little red bird said, I can tell you we're you can get some yellow things. There is yellow hair right across the lake. Their is bananas. There is food. There is also some yellow,paint.

Then one littLe butterfly went to get some yellow hair. Then she flyed all the way to the top of the sun and poured it on the sun. But the wind blew it away.

Then a other butterfly tried. She got a yellow banana. She got the banana and flyed up and dumped it on the sun. But it fell off the sun.

Then another buttrflyed tried she got food. Then she flew up to the sun and dumped it on the sun. But it washed away when it rained.

Then the last butterfly got a big bucket of yellow paint. Then she needed some help to take it to the sun because it is really heavy. So the bird help her dump it on the sun. Then when the paint dried it got hard and the sun was no longer white it was yellow.

So from this day on thats why the sun is yellow

By Alissa
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