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Island of Terror

A myth submitted to the site by Sarah Hsu

Crete, Ancient Greece

Long, long ago in 465 BCE in Ancient Greece, there was a peaceful island named Crete. It was a cloudy icy day in the thunderous agora; the agora had many customers within it. Two slaves, who were talking about work, balanced amphorae on their heads. A poor man, who was selling salty olives, walked into the agora. One slave, who was massaging a customer, was very worn-out. Colonnades, which separated the stores, were petite. However, nobody knew what terror was coming to them…

Sacorion was the most terrifying monster in the whole Ancient Greece. He had the head of a lion, the body of a cow and the tail of a sailfish. He hated the people in Crete because they had killed his brother and sister because the people of Crete thought Sacorion’s brother and sister had killed the chief. Its body was a grotesque garbage dump left in the sun for a year. Its spots were a spine-chilling dark cave. If you went near Sacorion, then you would smell foul poison. You could see his teeth if you went near him and know it could stab you in the heart.

As Sacorion was in Crete, he was so bloodthirsty that he snatched a screaming grammatistes and gobbled him up then spat out his chiton out. A wife looked back at her husband and when she was not looking, she ran into the monster’s mouth. Warm blood squirted out of Sacoroin’s mouth. A rich man was hiding in the stoa, and when the monster found him, Sacorion bit off his head. All the slaves, who were running together, looked back at each other and fell in a gigantic well. Sacorion snatched an enormous straw house and swallowed it with a family inside. “Help us!” screamed the miniature kids. The monster was chewing people’s chitons like they were fresh olives recently plucked from the nearby grove. When the monster squished the giant house, it looked like it was raining blood and arms. When the town was empty, it had rivers of blood.

However the survivors decided they wanted revenge. The king of Crete sent messengers around Greece to find a hero or heroine to save Crete from the monster. Aliscus, who was from Athens, met to the king.
“What are you doing here?” asked the king.
“I am here to fight the monster,” replied Aliscus.
“What? You, you’re so weak and too small for this!” yelled the king. Aliscus really wanted to help even if she was a girl who looked useless. Her dad told her that if she believed in her heart, she would be very powerful.
“I’m Aliscus. I have golden boots that can burn your eyes out, so I’m confident that I can win,” said Aliscus. The king thought she was very weak, but she was extremely powerful. Aliscus was also very beautiful. She had golden hair, a neon green skirt, a red ruby shirt and crystal earrings. She was the daughter of Aphrodite.
“What are you still doing here?” asked the king.
“I will fight even if you don’t let me,” exclaimed Aliscus. Then, Aliscus went away but she needed the information from the king because she didn’t know where the monster was. Little did Aliscus know about the huge terror that she was going to confront…

Aliscus heard a noise while she was walking on the deadly street. Then she felt very cold. It looked like Sacorion. She felt for her magic chain. She took her chain out. There was a grotesque smell. She could see terrifying green eyes. Was it a fish? Was it a bird? She couldn’t tell. She felt nervous and brave at the same time. She knew she had to save Crete. She could see the dark black spots of Sacorion now. It was so dark she felt like they were hypnotising her. The monster flew towards her. She whipped the monster, Sacorion fell. She thought she had won. Sacorion leaped up and whacked Aliscus with its tail. Aliscus got knocked down. Aliscus knew she had to win for Crete. She swung her chain back and forth and whipped Sacorion. Sacorion got angry. He went far back and came charging back to Aliscus. Aliscus tumbled into the water and almost drowned. Aliscus was still alive she came up and finally used her magic chain and slapped Sacorion in the eye. Sacorion used his last movement to swing his claws in the air and scraped his claws on Aliscus’s chest. Aliscus died, but her magic necklace flew up and brought her back to life! Aliscus had won the fight, Sacorion was finally dead.

To celebrate, the King of Crete held a symposium. A drunken man, who was falling asleep, reached out to give cheers for wine. A woman, who was playing a lyre, was talking to the lady playing the drum. An acrobat was performing a triple back handspring on a tiny table. A little boy, who was holding an amphora, served wine to others. A man, who was thirsty, sat on a couch. A slave was playing her flute to her master so he would fall asleep. A drunken woman, who was dancing, talked to her slave. A man, who was thirsty for wine, sat on a cozy couch. Aliscus returned to Mount Olympus. Aphrodite, who was Aliscus’ mother, wanted Aliscus to come back to the heavens to live with her again. Aliscus didn’t want to go she decided she wanted to stay on earth in Crete to help the citizens. Everyone was happy forever. That is why every November 3rd we have a feast.

By Sarah Hsu
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Name: Esmee O. 18th February 2014
I loved your story espesaly the part " Her dad told her that if she believed in her heart, she would be very powerful." I thought that was very true. Keep it up. :):)
Name: Mathyru 18th February 2014
epic story
Name: ChaeEun 18th February 2014
I love your story

Keep up the good work
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