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Legend of Arome

A myth submitted to the site by Nathan

Sparta, Ancient Greece

Two thousand five hundred years ago in Ancient Greece, there was one blazing city called Sparta. The weather was burning like flames everywhere on the ground. In the agora, a thief was stealing some precious cheese from a pile under a table. A slave, who was reeking and had nothing, was chatting to another slave, who was carrying an amphora on her head. Rats, which were sniffing around the warm soup, were everywhere. None of the citizens knew that a terrifying monster, which had been sent by Hades, was on his way…

Atheria was the most furious monster in the whole of Ancient Greece. Its horns were jagged. Anybody who went near his legs would be kicked out miles and miles away. Anybody who went near its mouth could have a fatal accident. Its wings were long as five colonnades put end to end. The monster’s brain was as tiny as an olive laying on a branch. Its claws were as mighty as a tree and it could destroy an army with a single swipe. He was a village destroyer. He hated the villagers because they had cut off his friend’s arm and destroyed his brain.

Out of the blue, crashing sounds were heard in the village as terrified citizens nervously looked to find out what was going on. Terrified citizens ran in all directions like featherless chickens running everywhere. Atheria used its mighty claws and ripped them into shreds. Their blood went flying through the sky. A river flooded the agora, the beast destroyed collonades and it squashed a poor little crying baby. Then the beast wiped out ten citizens in five seconds. Atheria went into the temple of Apollo and wrecked the temple. Atheria stomped on a rich man and bashed his head and body; blood was oozing everywhere and body parts scattered. Shop keepers were thrown out of the city and sent fifty miles away and blood was coming down from the sky. Sparta looked like a red city and this city looked like many piles of heads bleeding…

The survivors called help from their mighty king and sent messages all around Ancient Greece. Arome, who was from Athens, heard that there was a monster destroying Sparta’s things. He looked handsome and was wise about everything. Arome went to Sparta and asked for the king.
“Oooh! A hero! Tiny little guy couldn’t even squash a tiny little ant, get out of this CITY!!!” screamed the king.
“I could help!!! I am not a weakling!” shouted Arome.
“I said get out of the city!” shouted the king.
“I could help the whole country!” explained Arome.
“Aaaw! Fine! You can help!”
“Yaaah! Yes!”
So off he sent the proud and mighty hero to kill the deadly and nasty monster…

Two days later, Arome walked to place full of dead bodies and heard a loud, booming and rumbling voice. It was Atheria. But, Arome couldn’t see the beast. Where was it? Was it attacking someone or something? Atheria flew down to the ground and started to attack. Arome charged forward to defend himself. But, Atheria smashed Arome’s mighty shield away. Blood was coming out from Arome’s arm but he hadn’t lost yet. He knew he could win this fight to protect Sparta and his own city. Arome poked the beast’s guts out and threw them away. Arome poked the beast’s spine and ripped it into shreds. The beast still didn’t die; blood was flooding around them.
“Roooaaar!!” screamed the beast. “You are going to die without any body parts.”
“Bash!” Arome quickly stabbed Atheria and cut him to shreds. Arome had won the berserk fight with Atheria!

Arome slowly stood up and told the citizens that he had won the fight. The citizens had a symposium in the Parthenon. A slave woman was playing a tambourine on the table. A drunk man was smashing a goat and spilt wine on the floor. A woman was playing a beautiful lyre on a chair. Everybody was dancing around and eating. Everybody played and chatted together. They ate roasted pig on a spit. They ate cheese and drank lots of wine.
“I am going to help other people all around Ancient Greece!” said Arome.

But they didn’t notice that Atheria’s baby’s was still on his way. A soldier saw Atheria’s babies fly through Sparta and cleaned them into nothing. Believe or not! You could still see the museum of Atheria and its babies! Come on! Let’s go!

By Nathan
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