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The Terror

A myth submitted to the site by Victoria Najbert

Athens, Ancient Greece

3500 years ago, in the peaceful ancient Greek city of Athens it was a blazing hot day with a clear blue sky. Citizens packed into the bustling agora. A barber, who was wearing a red hat and chiton, was cutting hair. A donkey, which was bellowing “ey ore, ey ore”, was carrying fresh fruit for a farmer. Slave women, who were talking about work, carried amphorae on their heads. All was quiet and peaceful, but the citizens were unaware of the fate that was waiting for them...

Athawns was a super, powerful, giant monster who lived in Ancient Greece. He had the body of a snake, the legs of a spider and the sting of a scorpion. This monster was eating the people of Athens because the people of Athens killed his sister because his sister had stolen the people of Athens’ food. Athowns had eyes which could kill. Its body smelt like a rotten egg. Its enormous wings could crush an army with one swipe.

Suddenly, a terrible sound could be heard. Athowns, the terrible creature, had been sent by Hades. Terrified citizens ran in all directions. Athawns swung his razor-sharp claws and cut a citizen into two pieces. Blood gushed from the dead body. Next, it swung its mighty tail and a statue of Zeus fell to the floor. Entering the Temple of Apollo, the beast grabbed women and their children who thought they were safe. However, the creature did not wait to eat these innocent victims.

Survivors of the monster attack slowly came out from their hiding places. A river of victims’ blood ran thought the streets. They wanted revenge! The king of Athens sent messengers to find anyone brave enough to fight the monster.

Only Devibat was brave enough for the challenge. When the king found out, the only person brave enough to fight the monster was a girl, the king was very angry because no boys would help. Devibat had big wings and a long sharp tail. She had wings and a tail because Athena gave her these things because she saw Devibat was very strong in mind but not in the body. Because Athena gave Devibat wings and tail, Devibat went to the city. She wanted to kill the monster because the monster had killed her family. Devibat journeyed for seven days and seven nights flying over mountains, deserts and seas searching for Spidersnake. Eventually she arrived in the afternoon and she knew she must fight to the death. The Devibat went to kill the monster. When she saw the monster, she was a little scared but she went to the fight.

The monster was dead, but Devibat was dead too, so the people were were very happy but sad too. The people held a big symposium. At this party there was delicious food, singing, dancing, beautiful music and acrobats. But ten days afterwards, the people made brilliant things. The people saw a new star and called it “Devibat”. For a whole year, people come on a mountain and gave thanks for this what she did for these people.

By Victoria Najbert
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Name: De Foof 18th February 2014
good Epic story!!!!!
Name: Esmee O. 18th February 2014
I Liked Your Story, Espesaly The Part "All was quiet and peaceful, but the citizens were unaware of the fate that was waiting for them..."
Great job. Keep it up.:):)

Name: Leonna 18th February 2014
i love your story keep your work up
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