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Great Terror

A myth submitted to the site by Thomas Van Buuren

Athens, Ancient Greece

About 3000 years ago in Ancient Greece, there was a peaceful city called Athens. On a blazing hot day with clouds in the sky, citizens rushed into the bustling and smelly agora. A poor man, who was musical, played his lyre hoping someone would give him some money. A thief, who was very fast, stole some gleaming sardines from a deprived fisherman. A donkey, which could bellow very loudly, grabbed the thief’s chiton to stop him. The poor fisherman’s wife, who was weak, thanked the donkey and gave him a delicious apple. But little did they know about danger that was coming…

Eraseis was the most terrifying creature in the whole of Ancient Greece. It had front legs of a cheetah, the back legs of a horse, the body of an alligator, the mouth of a crocodile, one pair of jaguar eyes and the head of a hammerhead shark. It hated Athens because Athens always stole his delicious and mouth watering food. He decided to take revenge. His breath was a garbage dump left festering for one century. Its teeth were as sultry as lava. Eraseis’ tail was a slithery snake on fire and lightning. The eyes of Eraseis could see far off. He was as fast as the fastest light of lightning. His ears were fifty bird wings together. But his most powerful weapon was his greasy tongue; it could sense anything from miles away. With every person he ate, he got more power.

A few days later Eraseis reached land, the people started to panic. He walked on people making a river of blood where people drowned. People tried to hide, but Eraseis still found them. Then he said, “People from Athens, don’t steal my food or I’ll come again!”
“We didn’t steal your food!” shouted the villagers.
“Yes you do, every morning my food is gone!” he replied.
“Actually we did steal his food,”whispered one to another.
“We do?” they asked whispering.
“I will not give you another chance! You had enough!” shouted Eraseis
The people tried to run away, but Eraseis still found them and ripped them apart. Then he ate them. After that, Eraseis spat them out. This made a storm of body parts. People hid in amphorae. However, Eraseis got the amphorae above his head and shook them out. The commander of the army sent out the army to kill Eraseis, but the army just walked into Eraseis’ mouth and melted. Eraseis was not so big but still the most horrifying monster in the whole of Ancient Greece. He could knock down a house. The city was full of debris. The city that had once been beautiful now looked like a city that was bounded for one century.

The survivors, who were badly wounded, went to King Minos and asked for a hero. So the king sent out messengers to get a hero. Eventually, the messengers found Jasonn the hero and told him that Athens needed a hero. Jasonn looked like a weak normal person but that was not Jasonn. Jasonn was an extraordinarily physically powerful person. Jason came from Crete and wanted to help Athens because one of his friends lived there. Jasonn went to the king as fast as his legs could take him. When he reached Athens, he saw what Eraseis had done and went state to the king, “What! A weak guy like you defeat Eraseis! Hahaha ! You can’t defeat that monster!”declared the king.
“Of course I can defeat Eraseis!” shouted Jason back at the king.
“How dare you speak like that to me! Guards get this man out of my palace!” shouted the king.
“Fine so you didn’t need me at all!” shouted Jason.

So Jasonn went away but secretly fought the monster. But when he came outside he didn’t see Eraseis. Jasonn heard the king scream, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!” Jasonn quickly turned around and saw that the king was dead. He heard the roar of Eraseis and he started to fight. A few weeks later, they were still fighting. Jason had an idea how to kill Eraseis. “Maybe if I stab it in the hart it will die,” he thought. Jasonn kept getting ideas how to kill Eraseis. In the end he chose to stab Eraseis in the heart only once. Because he wouldn’t get enough time to get his sword out and if that happened he would be dead too. He went to Eraseis and stabbed him in the heart and Jasonn ran to safety. When he looked back at Eraseis, he didn’t see it anymore. He tried to find Eraseis, but he couldn’t. Actually, Eraseis found him. Eraseis jumped up and landed on Jason. Was this the end of Jasonn? Jasonn screamed his last scream and died. His twin brother heard his twin brothers scream. Jason, who was Jasonn’s twin brother, went to Athens as fast as he could. When Jason came to Athens, he saw his twin brother dead on the floor. Then Jason went fighting Eraseis and eventually Jason won the battle.

Over the years, Jason became the king of Athens. Two days after Jason became king. Zeus, the king of the gods, called Jason to Mount Olympus. When Jason arrived, Zeus took him to where all the gods lived. Then they had a symposium. They had gods selling sweet and juicy wine there were three women gods two of them were playing lyres and the other one was playing a double flute. A god, who had drunk 50 cups of wine, asked for more cups of wine. There was an acrobat doing a double back flip on a very thin cup of wine. There were three gods watching two women play their instruments. There was even a child asking for some wine. And then Jason became a god. And that’s why some people fast on Wednesday, 27th November.

One day Jason married, had a baby and lived happily ever after.

By Thomas Van Buuren
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