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Revenge of the Dead Olympians

A myth submitted to the site by Jeremy Lu

Olympia, Ancient Greece

Two thousand five hundred years ago, there was a freezing cold city called Olympia. There was a wild agora going on and citizens were chatting to each other. The customers were bargaining with the shopkeepers and children were chasing one another and having fun. Farmers were selling cattle, fruits and much more. The fresh smell of olives drifted in the air. The sound of children playing filled the agora. A shopkeeper and his neighbour were gossiping about the Trojan War that had happened a few years back, but behind the gossiping shopkeeper there was a sneaky cruel and sly thief who secretly stole some delicious, mouthwatering cheese and apples and quickly ran off. There was a handsome blacksmith who was hammering some javelins and there were musicians who were playing with lyres that made beautiful sounds that made shopkeepers stop and listen to the beautiful music. There were amazing statues of the Minotaur, which was a cruel monster that was defeated a long time before. Many fruit sellers were shouting, “Free fruit, fresh and only picked this morning guaranteed one hundred percent fresh!” that really did attract customers. There were some citizens who were praying to the mighty god Zeus, the king of heaven and earth. What a peaceful city it was! But none knew about the terror on its way…

Vericitus was the fiercest monster in the whole entire Greece; he had the head of a shark, body of a dragon and talons of a lion. He hated the citizens of Olympia because they always prayed to Zeus to banish him. His teeth were as deadly as the Spartan army that had defeated the entire Persian forces. Its horns were razor sharp hunting knifes that could rip through celestial bronze armour. Anyone who came near his territory would instantly get shredded to pieces by his razor sharp talons. Many armies had tried to shoot him down with flaming arrows, but none were effective. His breath was as foul as rotten flesh that had been left in the sun for a few millennia.

Vericitus approached Olympia and headed for the agora. He stabbed a dozen shopkeepers with his razor sharp talons and pierced their heads and absorbed their souls. A rich man ran around like an insane pig and got his lungs ripped out and his brain leaked out of his ears. Vericitus trampled on the stables and picked up a white stallion and fed on its spirit. He got more and more violent. He picked up a group of citizens and sliced off their guts and their core. There was a music teacher who threw her lyre at the monster, but this only drew his attention to her, so the monster chomped her head off and kept on doing his business. There was a brave solider who was in full battle armour who stepped out and screamed, “Don’t you hurt my family! This is Olympia!” And he charged forward and crashed into to Vericitus. And then Vericitus roared loudly and destroyed the colonnade. The city that had once been beautiful now looked like a city abandoned for centuries…

The survivors were all hungry for revenge. The King of Olympia sent lots of messengers all around Greece. One day, there was messenger who said there was a hero from Sparta and his name was Calipitus, son of Boreas the north wind, the brother of snow. He was an intelligent young demigod. This meant he was half mortal and half god - a half-blood. When he visited the king, the king asked him “Why do you want to help?”
“Because I’ve seen this happen to my family and I don’t want it to happen to others,” replied Calipitus. The king decided to talk to him at the feast of wealth, the sacred day to Hades. Now they had planned every single little detail such as traps, ballista, catapults and Greek fire. They just need to wait for it to return…

Calipitus and the army heard a loud roar which was followed by a thump. His sword felt heavier and heavier in his hand. There was a foul smell nearby. Then a troop fell to the ground. A shadow fell upon Calipitus. The army charged forwards. The slashed, hacked, jabbed and rolled but to no effect. Calipitus, his dagger Maximus, and some other soliders did the same. The daggers sunk into Vericitus. A few archers fired their arrows. There were soldiers using ballista and catapult. Calipitus started to glow and wings grew out and he started to fly. He kept on hovering above Vericitus and slashing with his sword Lapetus, named after the Titan piercer. It was hard for him, but he managed it. There was one special solider who threw his sword with all his might and hit Calipitus. The sword went straight through his armour. He howled in pain and fell from the air…

After the mighty battle, Calipitus was injured horribly badly. He had one black eye, two broken legs, eight broken fingers and cracked his spine. But luckily from some fine healing of a friendly centaur, a gift from the god healed him. That very night there was a crazy symposium going on in the city. People celebrating and dancing. There was even a roasted pig on a spit. The acrobats were doing their fantastic movements that impressed the audience. There were elegant ladies drinking wine and playing a lyre. Even though Calipitus perished after the battle of the Marathon, Zeus, king of the gods, cast him to the skies. So if you look up to the sky on mark fourteen you will see him holding a sword and shield and march fourteen is remembered as Calipitus day, and this is the story of Calipitus day.

By Jeremy Lu
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