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The Horrible Terror

A myth submitted to the site by Krish Shah

Sparta, Ancient Greece

2500 years ago in Ancient Greece, there was a giant city called Sparta. It was a very clamorous city. There were many people in that city. 100 people went to the agora each and every day to buy some shiny, silver fish. People loved fish. There was an old, poor farmer sitting on a muscular, exhausted donkey. Some people tasted the shiny, silver fish which were sweetened like honey. A man, who was wearing a yellow and red chiton, was measuring the mass of soft and mouldy cheese. Everyone was shouting and screaming and some people were also arguing with shopkeepers. Two men, who looked like slaves, were praying to a statue of Apollo. And you couldn’t imagine how deafening it was…

The monster called Galenvs approached Sparta. A wave of terror washed over the people in Sparta. They were as scared as a mouse, which had been bitten in its leg by a cat. A poor, old man, who had brown eyes, got a bloody face full of blood. “Help!” screamed a child with gold hair. The people in the city tripped over destroyed colonnades. A Spartan, who was really tired, hurried to tell the king about the monster, but he was too late. He had got bitten by the depraved monster. A young girl, who was wearing a white, glowing chiton, saved somebody’s mother, who was crying with pain. A powerful Spartan, who had returned from a war, was fighting against the monster. A slave, who was carrying a basket of apples, ran under a large stone. “Run away!” whispered Jack.

“Ok!” answered John. Babies, who were left by slaves, were cracked into pieces by the monster. The rivers looked like blood water which was flowing around. 10 more Spartans, who had been sent by the king, were ready to fight. The Spartans, who were ready to fight, had javelins as long as a colonnade lined up in a row. The city looked and was horrible.

The survivors wanted to have revenge. That was why the survivors sent one of their slaves to Sparta to tell the king that they needed a hero. The king told two Spartans to find a hero. A hero called Jason decided to fight with the monster. Therefore he went to Sparta to report to the king. “Hello!” said Jason. “Hello!” replied the king “I have come here to fight the monster,” answered Jason. “Really! You must be lying?” asked the king. “Really!” replied Jason. “Ok!” answered the king. Jason told him that he wanted to save people and become famous all around Ancient Greek. Consequently, the king gave Jason permission to go and fight the monster. Jason said that he was a warrior in the marathon. And he did look like he was an Ancient Greece warrior. He also told the king that he was from Sparta. He said he found out about it because the two Spartans told him about the monster .He confirmed that he would fight for the whole of Greece. Let’s see who will win this terrible fight…

Jason was in Sparta. A thunderous, booming voice came towards Jason. He could not figure out if the voice was a man or a beast, so he hid behind a rock, which was as heavy as a elephant and covered the whole body of Jason. The beast, which was as strong as lightning, came roaring towards the hero. Jason the hero, who still scared, thought that he should come out and fight with the monster and he did.. Water, which was as hot as fire, was dripping from his head to the ground. He was getting bravre and the beast was getting stronger. The beast punched Jason in his hand. Jason only had one good hand as his left hand was broken. So this time he took his sword out with his right hand and he knew that he must kill the monster. He quickly slayed the beast. This time the beast was going to lose and Jason killed the monster. But the monster woke up again. This time Jason slayed him right in the neck. The monster said one last word. He said, “I will punish you for this!” And he slept on the ground. Did the monster wake up again? The hero celebrated so let’s see if the monster returned to life…

The hero celebrated their symposium. A slave, who was a boy, was performing a handstand to the whole crowd. A bunch of ladies were playing instruments such as flute or hand-drum or other instruments. Two men, who were really strong, were asking for more wine. Babies, who were left by slaves, were playing cheerfully. Because the hero won, he got a gift. And the gift was that he got to become the king of Sparta. And because the villagers were really happy there is a town called Jason town and that’s how they remembered the hero until now.

By Krish Shah
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