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The Terror Heading This Way

A myth submitted to the site by ChaeEun Lim

Sparta, Ancient Greece

Two thousand five hundred years ago there was in the peaceful Ancient Greek city called Sparta. On a boiling hot day with a clear blue sky, citizens walked to the bustling agora. A woman, who was a slave, carried an amphora while chatting to other slaves. A donkey, which was carrying a heavy basket filled with lots of sugary and juicy apples, was working for a farmer. The slaves smelled like rotten cheese because of the burning hot sun. But the citizens were unaware of the terror heading their way…

Hominfroake was the toughest monster in all in of Ancient Greece. She had the head of a human, the legs of a frog and the body of a snake. Hominfroake hated the people of Sparta because when she was asleep, the people of Sparta had somehow found her home and came and took an egg that she had just laid. She wanted revenge.

Suddenly, a loud noise entered the agora. Then the agora started to collapse all over the place. It was Hominfroake. She swung her mighty tail and then cut a baby, who was looking for his mother, into two pieces. The colonnades fell everywhere onto the floor. Hominfroake grabbed a bunch of people and ate them in one minute. A woman, who had a baby, threw it down on the floor and said, “Bye baby! ’’ She then ran away from her baby in terror. Hominfroake entered the temple of Apollo. Hundreds of citizens were hiding and hoping Apollo would protect them. Hominfroake slithered on her belly to a group of citizens and ripped them to pieces with her claws. Some were dead. Others lay dying. Blood covered the temple floor. Survivors prayed to Apollo as Hominfroake destroyed the inside of the temple, but no help came. After destroying the temple and the agora, Hominfroake scurried back to her cave.

The monster left and then the citizens thought the monster would come back for revenge again so the survivors decided that they wanted revenge too. The King of Sparta sent messengers all around Greece and told them all about the terrifying creature and warned them. They also tried to find the best heroine for them. Then the King of Sparta received a message from the King of Athens. The message said, “We can help and send our best heroine, Callier.”
The King of Sparta replied, “Okay and can you send Callier here now?”
Then the King of Athens answered, “Of course, we will send her right now.”
Callier had to go to Sparta to make sure the people of Athens were safe, so that was why she wanted to kill the monster. She travelled from Athens to Sparta. She was very pretty like a rose. Also, she was a very brave girl like a bear that had lived in a forest. Her eyes were as pretty as a blue clear sky. She had arrived in Sparta, the only thing that was left was to fight the monster and go off to the agora…

When Callier arrived at the agora, she looked around but there was no monster. However, there was a noise coming from the corner of the agora. Callier went closer and closer, until something long and grey grabbed her and pulled her into the corner. Callier knew that was the monster’s tail and then Callier grabbed the tail and pulled it around and around. Then she threw it on the floor. Callier took her bow and arrow out and quickly shot it towards the tail. The monster was so angry that she grabbed one of the amphorae and threw it towards Callier, but she quickly took her bow and arrow out and shot it towards the amphora. After Callier took her bow and arrow, she shot it right towards the eye of the monster. The monster died with terror. Callier was delighted that the fight had ended.

She had to go back to Athens. When she arrived, she had a message from Zeus to go to Mount Olympus. When she got there, she became a goddess. On Mount Olympus, there was a symposium going on because of the new goddess Callier. The man in the corner was very drunk and there was an acrobat doing a handstand and a headstand. After the symposium had finished, Zeus really agreed that Callier should be a real goddess so every year on June 11th they celebrated Callier’s victory and also to remember her. And she lived happily ever after.

By ChaeEun Lim
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Name: Mytstery 18th February 2014
great story
Name: ChaeEun 18th February 2014
I like my story
Name: Esmee O. 18th February 2014
I loved your story. After I read the first paragraph I kept wanting to read more. I espesaly liked it when you wrote "On a boiling hot day with a clear blue sky." Keep it up:)
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