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Snatigle and Fleace

A myth submitted to the site by Cindy Chen

Crete, Ancient Greece

Three thousand years ago in Ancient Greece, there was a nonviolent town in Crete. On a burning, sunny day in an agora called Thea, people were busy selling and buying things. A costumer was arguing with a shopkeeper. The mice, which were stealing rice, were squeaking. Slaves were chatting about whose owner was the scariest! A paidogogos was buying some fruit for a little boy. The agora smelled like salty fish in the fish stall. None of the people knew about the terror on its way…

Snatigle was the most dreadful monster in the whole of Crete. His immeasurable body was as high as Mount Olympus. His ears were filled with copious ear wax and they were long enough to touch the ground! His head was stained and greasy, as offensive as meat left outside in the sun for a week. He hated the people in Crete because the people had eaten his children. The people in Crete cursed him so that he would lose a battle. The people of Crete guarded the country from Snatigle, so when Snatigle wanted to attack, he always got hurt! Snatigle was in a furious rage so…

When Snatigle flew to Crete, a wave of terror got into people’s hearts. They were nervous but alerted at the solders. A paidogogos threw a boy so that he could escape. Thirty men, forty ladies and sixty children were caught in Snatigle’s claws. Snatigle was biting people’s heads off! People’s blood flowed into a river across the street. Snatigle waved his tail naughtily to knock down the buildings and houses. Because of the horror, two men bumped into each other. The fear was swishing around people’s hearts. Suddenly Snatigle shouted, “I hate you because of the death of my children!″
A Cretan replied, “Your children ate a hundred Cretan children for no reason!”
Once again, Snatigle was furious. He grabbed a bunch of people and ate them in front of everyone. Crete had turned debris.

The survivors wanted to defeat the monster. They prayed to the gods for help. Zeus, the king of the gods, sent Fleace, who was the kind daughter of goddess Athena and the sea god Poseidon. When Fleace met King Athidon, he said, “Ha! You, you, you? A small little girl to kill Snatigle? Go away at once!“
“But I…” whispered Fleace “Shut up!” exclaimed the king. “Take her to jail!” Just then, Fleace flew up high into the clouds and shouted, “Bye, if you don’t need help.” Then she disappeared, but after five minutes she came back again and she declared, “Now will you let me kill Snatigle if I am a goddess?” Athidon asked, “Who are your mother and father?” Fleace replied, “My father is the handsome and strong Poseidon, and my mother is the gorgeous and smart Athena.”
The rich, handsome and young king was shocked. “Please royal, pretty and enlightened goddess, kill the evil, ugly and disgusting Snatigle,” begged the king. “Of course my uncle Zeus told me to do that.” Then off she went to the mean Snatigle’s cave …

Fleace turned herself invisible. She went into the cave and she saw a shadow. Was it a woman? Was it a man? Was it a child, or was it a monster? Suddenly the shadow ran towards her! Fleace took out her sword and ran towards it. Snatigle felt he couldn’t stop Fleace with her powers that Zeus had given her, but he had a final trick up his sleeve. Snatigle swam threw a sink hole in his cave which led to the Agean Sea because nobody could swim faster than him! He swam through the dark, blue Agean Sea. Fleace threw out off hat and shouted, “Turn into a boat!” Suddenly the hat turned into a gigantic boat! Then she asked the sea, “Dear father, Poseidon, it’s me Fleace. Could you let me catch up to Snatigle?” Then the sea started to push the boat forwards in the direction that Snatigle had gone. Fleace took out a sewing machine and some wool and begged, “Mother Athena, please give me a magical bag to catch Snatigle!” Swiftly the sewing machine started to sew a bag that could turn big and small! Then Fleace exclaimed, “Look at Snatigle. It’s scared of a tiny bag!”
Snatigle was annoyed. Angrily, Snatigle replied. “OK! I will stand here and not move.”
Fleace shouted, “No problem then!”
“Now catch me if you can!”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes! Now come on!” Fleace threw out a bag. Snatigle laughed and cackled, “It’s too small!”
Then Fleace shouted, “Big!” The bag turned bigger and bigger until it was large enough to catch Snatigle.
As quick as a flash, Fleace chopped off Snatigle’s head and threw the body into the ocean.

After the day that Fleace killed Snatigle, they had a symposium to celebrate. A slave, who was an acrobat, danced around the room. A villager, who was drunk, was asking for more wine. Two women, who were playing instruments for the villagers, started to chat. Some men, who had drunk too much wine, were rolling around on the ground wrestling for fun. People were dancing happily. Since this day, on December 19th every year, the villagers of Crete always have a celebration to remember the brave actions of Fleace and how she saved the village from the monster Snatigle.

By Cindy Chen
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