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The Big Terror

A myth submitted to the site by Leonna Lee

Crete, Ancient Greece

2400 years ago in Ancient Greece, there was a lovely and peaceful city called Crete. One boiling day in the agora there were mouth-watering smells of appetising food. In one corner, there was a putrid donkey which had stood there for a long time. Another customer sat under a shade of a tent and enjoyed the barber cutting his hair. In the air there was the smell of salty sardines lying in the scorching sun. Ear-splitting sounds from the fierce crowds of customers waiting for their food. Two young beautiful slaves were walking down the agora wearing the fragrant smell of perfume. Whiny people talked about the price to change and waited for the shopkeeper to shout “Yes!” for the price to be cheaper. In the other corner there was a statue of the tyrant on a big piece of stone, wearing a shiny gold crown. The citizens in the town never knew about the big terror of the monster was coming…

Srytas was the fiercest and most powerful monster in Ancient Greece. It had a body of a vicious dragon and a tail of a dangerous snake. Its breath was as powerful as acid fire. Flies died when they went near its tail because it had a rancid smell of a garbage dump. Dead bugs got stuck in its decayed toxic scales which had covered her whole body. Its ears had ear wax with foul food and bugs dripping out of her spacious mouth. She hated the people of Crete because one day they had stolen her eggs and killed her babies. That was why she wanted to destroy them.

As Srytas appeared in Crete, a wave of terror splashed onto the city. A wealthy and brainless man grabbed his money and jumped into the monster’s mouth so he could keep all the money for himself. The monster snatched a poor slave and popped his head and eyeballs into her mouth. A shopkeeper sacrificed himself instead of the food. A grammatistest ran into a wall and slowly slid down. Then the monster picked the grammatistest up, and then Srytas squeezed her and threw her on the floor. Mostly all the people in Crete just ran into the monster’s mouth. “HELP!” shouted a tyrant then he shouted again, “Please don’t eat me! I’m still young!” The monster made all the houses bloody because she chopped off everybody’s arms and legs with her sharp nails.
She made the village all covered with blood and streams of blood all you could see was BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD!!!! The peaceful city of Crete was ruined…

The survivors assembled. They wanted revenge and one of the survivors was Kelena. Kelena was made from the god of fire Hephaestus. She was from Sparta. Kelena was a beautiful white sheep. When she had heard about the problem that Hephaestus had told her, she was extremely hysterical. She was hysterical because she knew how to kill the monster because she had experienced it before. She was small and the monster had killed her mother and she had made a scar on the monster. That was why she knew how. Then she went to Crete. After that, Kelena went to a palace and met the tyrant. She was nervous when she met him.
“Who are you?”Asked the tyrant,
Kelena said, “I am going to kill the monster!”
“What you are just a little girl!” replied the tyrant.
“BUT!” shouted Kelena.
“Get out of here! You’re no use!” screamed the tyrant. “LEAVE!” shouted the tyrant again. But Kelena never left and the screaming and shouting kept going on and remember she never left. Following that, she went to the village in Crete where the monster was but she never knew it would be that dangerous and risky…

Kelena had arrived in the village in Crete. She took a ship to kill the monster Srytas. She was so excited to kill the monster but the day got darker and darker so she fell asleep. After a day, the ship bumped a rock and when she woke up the she recognised it was where the monster lived. She climbed up a rock and then… SAW THE MONSTER!!! The monster didn’t see her so she creeped behind Srytas. But she turned around and saw Kelena and charged with her claws and wanted to poke her heart but Srytas missed and tore her dress. Kelena took out her sword and made a scratch on her scales. Then Srytas made a big scratch on her leg. After a second Kelena sliced the monster’s head off. But there was another head on Srytas so she Kept scratching the monster so she wouldn’t feel well. Kelena could chop her head off then Srytas put her tail next to Kelena’s face and she fainted for a minute. After that she got up and Srytas charged with her horn facing her and made her whole leg bloody. She was so mad so she scratched Srytas so many times then she chopped off her head.

When she had finished killing the monster, she went back to Sparta and celebrated with everyone. Kelena held a symposium. In the symposium there was an acrobat doing a handstand flip. There was a woman who fainted then a rich man behind her held her, and there were two beautiful ladies playing music for everyone and everyone danced. One pretty woman was dancing peacefully. At one side of the room a man was showing off that he could drink lots of wine, and then at the other side a lonely man sat at a sofa falling asleep then he fell on the floor. There was a boy who was a slave pouring wine for people. So on that day the 17th of October, they would have a huge party with everyone, and that meant you were very special and everybody would always love you. Then year after year people from Crete would celebrate that special day.

By Leonna Lee
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Name: Your Mom 18th February 2014
nice story!!!!
Name: Alice 14th February 2014
Great Story!! Keep up the good work:)
Name: Esmee Oani 14th February 2014
I really liked your story. When you wrote the first paragraph I kept wanting to read more. I especially like it when you wrote " Its breath was as powerful as acid fire." Keep up the good work. :)
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