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The Death of Thudder

A myth submitted to the site by Aidan Chim

Sparta, Ancient Greece

2500 years ago in Ancient Greece, there was a violent city named Sparta. It was a hot, sizzling day; many people were heading towards the agora. Deafening shouts and murmurs were heard wherever you went. A Greek soldier, wearing cuirass, was carrying a hoplite to the Trojan War. Coin ticking sounds were heard from customers, trading shiny coins for some fresh food. Walking around in the agora, you could smell the heavenly perfume, worn by elegant ladies selling luscious cheese, companied with a glass of sweetened grape juice. The citizens joyfully bought or sold food from the agora, for they did not know of the terror on its way…

Thudder was the most colossal and well-built monster in the whole of Ancient Greece. He had wings as bright as the golden sun (which he had stolen from Jason and the Argonauts) and horns as poisonous as billions and billions of scorpions all huddling together. Footsteps that made such a loud noise that even if you were miles and miles away, your ears would get deaf! Its eyes had the most intimidating power, the power to turn you into moss in a blink! He hated the citizens of Sparta because Thudder was once sleeping in his cave, when suddenly, lots and lots of people came and took over his house (a cave) for mining silver for the battle of Marathon. Thudder wanted to kill them, but they had the most powerful weapons of Ancient Greece, so Thudder had to flee.

As Thudder arrived in Sparta, a gigantic wave of terror washed over the villagers. People froze and dropped whatever they were holding and ran for their dear lives. A mother, who was holding onto a newborn baby, accidently dropped her baby, leaving her baby all alone. Then along came Thudder. When the mother saw him, she cried, “Please do not kill my newborn baby. Please don’t! And kill me instead of my baby. Let my baby go!’’
Instead of listening to the mother, Thudder killed both of them. Soldiers sent by the strategoi came to attack Thudder. But just from one far look, all the soldiers backed away. They knew this monster would finish them off, they knew it. So the soldiers went back to the tholos, where they would meet if they survived Thudder’s attack. When the strategoi saw them, he shouted, “Great job guys! I am glad you, the strongest bunch of men in Sparta, beat Thudder!”
“But, but,”shivered a soldier.
“But what?” shouted the strategoi.
“But we haven’t killed Thudder yet, we retreated!” answered another soldier.
“What? You lot have not killed him yet?” shouted the strategoi angrily.
After he said that, he grabbed two javelins and stabbed the two soldiers in the heart. The strategoi had once again asked the soldiers to go out and fight for Sparta! When they went out, all the people were awestruck. Thudder had destroyed the whole of Sparta, leaving it ruined. Before, Sparta was a normal city, but after Thudder’s visit, it was debris. Blood was splattered all over the ground, a rain of arms and legs fell from the sky, it was a total disaster…

The survivors, who had hidden in the amphorae, had decided that they wanted revenge, but they didn’t know how, because if they fought against the monster, they would lose badly. So, the King of Sparta (a survivor who had hidden in the secret underground tunnel), decided to begin a competition, the competition of killing Thudder. The person that killed Thudder first would get to rule over Sparta! Soon, the news spread all over Greece, thousands and thousands of people longed to kill Thudder. Then one day, a man called Jura, who was from Athens decided to try to kill Thudder. He had two powerful weapons (made from wood), and shoes that could make him run as fast as the wind. Once he got to the king’s home, he was amazed at how ugly and ruined it looked. There were bits and bits of flesh all over the house, puddles of blood everywhere, and millions and millions of chopped off heads lying in the streets towards the king’s house. As he slowly walked into the king’s house, he could hear a faint crying sound, the sound of a person being threatened. So Jura went up to the house and shouted,
“Who is that crying, who?”
No one answered. He shouted again (louder voice)
“Who is that crying? If you don’t answer, I will go in the house right now!”
No one answered again, so, Jura walked into the house, slowly and ready for any attack coming. Out of the corner of his eye, a big, black shadow flew past him in a flash…

Then Jura heard a noise, and then he heard a roar. Now, he was starting to shiver in fear. He slowly walked towards the door to go out of the king’s room. BANG!!!Jura realised that he had hit something, something hard. Jura slowly looked up, but recognized the armour of the monster. He thought to himself, “If I look up, I will be turned into moss!” Swiftly, he took out his weapon and started attacking the monster. He threw his weapon expertly, and it hit the walls. He felt for his other weapon. As he took it out, Thudder used its poisonous horns, and hit the weapon. Jura thought that Thudder had missed and hit the weapon instead, for he did not know, that his weapon (hit by Thudder) was shrinking! It shrank and shrank, until it shrank to as small as an atom! Weaponless, Jura thought he was going to be killed by Thudder. Then, a miracle happened. Jura could see two steel shields lying together on the grey, hard, marbled, floor. When Thudder saw the two shields, he made an earthquake to make the shields come to him (uses feet). But he accidently made an earthquake so big that the king’s house crumbled down. Without thinking, Jura ran and hid in a wooden table. Hoping he wouldn’t get hurt, Jura was astonished to see that the King of Sparta was also hiding under the table! At first, when the king saw Jura, he screamed out,
“Thudder, please do not hurt me, I will give you anything you like if you let me go, anything!”
“I am not the monster, I am Jura! I decided to accomplish your mission that you sent!” replied Jura.
“Good, go and kill Thudder, and Sparta will be yours!” Jura slowly walked forward, alert of anything that would attack him. Then, he saw the armour, the armour of Thudder! He ran towards the armour and saw Thudder lying on the floor. Jura ran to the wall that had his weapon and pulled as hard as he could. Suddenly, it let loose and Jura pulled his weapon out of the wall and stabbed Thudder in the heart. Thudder was dead! The king slowly came out of the table and congratulated him for killing the monster. But first, Jura asked,
“Who was it that was crying at the start?”
The king answered, “It was me. Before you came, Thudder was hitting me for making everyone kill him. When you arrived, he let go of me and had a fight with you. In that time, I hid under the table, and that’s how you found me!”
Jura replied, “Interesting!”
And they went back to Sparta.

When the king and Jura went back to Sparta, the survivors decided to have a symposium to celebrate Thudder’s death. Although it was very crowded, everyone had lots of fun. An acrobat was performing a handstand on the table. An elegant lady was playing wonderful music on her lyre. A rich man was dancing happily with his wife in the symposium. A woman was dancing to the music played by the musicians. It lasted for a long time. When it was about to be over, the king declared that there would be a new king of Sparta, and that would be Jura! Jura was overjoyed! He couldn’t believe that in a few hours time, he would rule over Sparta! After a year passed, Jura had three children, two boys and one girl. And they lived happily until this monster called Hypnosium arrived…

By Aidan Chim
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