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Elemental Hero Darkbright and Ghost Lion

A myth submitted to the site by Raymond Chien

Sparta, Ancient Greece

2000 years ago in Ancient Greece, there was a nonviolent town called Sparta. In a crowded agora, many things were happening. There were farmers trading and selling different sorts of goods. There was a man with a red bandana cutting a costumer’s hair and a fish monger was selling fish to the people. The scent of olives was in the air as well as the sickening sardines, which spreading around the town. But nobody knew about the terror that was coming…

Ghost Lion was the most powerful monster in the whole of Ancient Greece. He had the body of a person, the head of a lion and a lion’s claws as sharp as a sword. He hated the people in Athens because the people in Athens put a curse on him and make a trap for him. His temper was like a thunder that could crash any time. This monstrous was devilish. Its mouth spat a red blood that smelt like rotting dead body left for a month. The eyes were as red as a blood. The hair was spiky and rusty that can kill you instantly. The face was like a squashed rock.

Ghost Lion crashed into the village of Athens and grabbed a wailing tiny girl and chopped her body in half. As he turned around, he destroyed the houses with his heavy razor-sharp sword. When he reached the center of the town, he smashed all the buildings and gobbled the people up. The monster splashed the people with water and the people sank into the water. The ghost lion grabbed two men and folded them in half. A teacher, who was walking to the temple, crashed into the temple and the monster killed the teacher. Ghost Lion crashed into the temple and destroyed everything inside.

Elemental Hero Darkbright lived in Crete. The King of Athens was looking for a hero to help capture the Ghost Lion. Meanwhile, one of the servants who knew about the Elemental Hero Darkbright told the king that he knew someone that was very powerful and could help the people of Athens. He had strong metal wings; he was as ferocious as a bull and a lion. He had metal hands that were as harsh as a gigantic metal crane. “He would definitely defeat the monster. "I want him to find the monster as soon as possible!” the King ordered. Elemental Hero Darkbright stated his journey by flying to places. Elemental Hero Darkbright needed to save the people from the dangerous monster so he set a trap.

Everybody in Athens told the Spartan Warriors to come and fight in the Olympics and the winner would win a pot of bullion and a razor sharp sword. Ghost Lion wanted to win the pot of gold and straight razor sharp sword so he entered the competition. The Elemental Hero Darkbright went to the Olympics and hid in the amphitheatre until the Ghost Lion came in to fight. All of a sudden the Elemental Hero Darkbright flapped his wings and flew down and snatched with his crane hands, the ghost lion was squeezed tightly and the ghost lion exploded into a lot of pieces.

The people in Athens lived happily ever after knowing that the Ghost Lion was killed.

By Raymond Chien
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