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Thunder and Coz

A myth submitted to the site by Chris Lin

Athens, Ancient Greece

Two thousand five hundred years ago in a peaceful ancient Greek city called Athens, on a blazing hot day with a clear blue sky, citizens packed into the bustling agora. A donkey, which was carrying a basket of fruit, walked alongside a farmer. Women, who were talking together, were carrying water on their heads. There was an old man, who was buying some fish to give to his wife to cook for their family. All was quiet and peaceful, but the citizens were unaware of the fate that was waiting for them…

Coz was the most powerful monster in Ancient Greece. He had the legs of a chicken, the wings of the bird, the tail of a pig, the body of snake, the head of a person and the horns of goat. He was as big as Mount Olympus. His eyes were as sticky as glue, which had been eaten for a year by ants, mice and cockroaches. He hated the citizens of Athens because they had killed his son for attacking their goats.

One peaceful day, Coz entered the agora in Athens and started to destroy all the buildings. Colonnades tumbled to the ground. Citizens hid in the temple and in the corners of the stoa. The king ordered his soldiers to fight with monster. Coz ripped off soldiers’ heads and swallowed them in one bite. Spears, swords and knives had no impact against Coz. The mortal army could do nothing against this beast. Coz smashed the statue of Zeus which had stood in the agora for hundreds of years. He entered the temple of Apollo where terrified citizens were hiding. He slashed open the citizens bodies and left them bleeding to death. The wooden floor turned red in a river of blood.

Survivors of the monster attack slowly came out from their hiding places. A sea of victim’s blood lay in the streets. The citizens wanted revenge! The King of Athens sent messengers to find anyone brave enough to fight the monster. Zeus was furious that coz had destroyed his statue so he sent Thunder to kill, Coz, the monster. Thunder’s army brought thunder bolts and lightning that they would need to fight Coz.

Thunder could fly and he would only fight with thunder bolts. He would only smile when the country was clean and no monsters remained anywhere in the cities and towns. His armies had hundreds of thousands of soldiers who also carried thunder bolts or lightning strikers. Two hundred of them took special swords with diamond blades which could cut through the hardest and toughest of materials. Thunder and his army searched for Coz in the mountains for thirty days and thirty nights. His army was starting to get tired and hungry when finally Thunder found a cave. He went into the cave and found Coz the monster…

Coz flew in front of Thunder and scratched Thunder’s wing so Thunder couldn’t fly anymore. Thunder’s army and Zeus came to help but the monster killed ninety thousand of Thunder’s army. Zeus threw a thunder bolt at Coz. Coz wasn’t hurt. Thunder’s special army took out their special sword and cut off Coz’s feet.

Coz was very angry so he broke off a horn and threw it at the special army. Zeus threw ten thunder bolts at Coz, so Coz’s other horn fell off. Thunder went to fight Coz. He remembered that he still had one thunder bolt left. He needed to get closer to Coz to throw the thunder bolt. He crept up to Coz, suddenly the thunder bolt exploded. They both died.

The citizens rejoiced that Coz was dead but tears of sorrow filled their hearts and eyes that Thunder had died. The king and Zeus built an olive grove to remember Thunder by and to say thank you to him for his braveness in saving all the citizens. To this day, even from Heaven, Thunder still looks down and protects the citizens of Greece every year.

By Chris Lin
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Name: Aidan Chim 18th February 2014
great story chris!!!!! i think you wrote it really well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Raymond 18th February 2014
Name: Mike Hsieh 14th February 2014
this is the best story ever. My best friend!
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