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Theros and the Nymph

A myth submitted to the site by Thadeus Gillard

One of the islands near Crete, Greece

Once apon a time in ancient Greece there was a Demigod of Hephaestus named Theros who lived on an island in the Mediterranean sea , he had a short temper but was usually quite friendly.

One day he decided to visit his friend, a sailor named Harst who lived on one of the islands near Crete in a town near the edge of the island. It was a beautiful town with a great view of the sunset if you looked out to sea. So Theros got in his boat which was made from what used to be the tallest tree on his island (until he cut it down so he could have his boat) and headed off (hopefully in time to see the sunset).

When he arrived and docked his boat he started walking to find Harst but on the way to his house he came across an old man in a old cloak. The man ran up to him and asked "Are you the owner of the tree like boat in the dock"
"indeed" Theros replied
"well" said the man, "i believe its been Stolen!"
"WHAT!" Theros Cried "But i was there just a minute ago"
You see his boat wasn't really stolen and the old man wasn't an old man. He was the nymph that lived in the tree that Theros had cut down to make his boat and he wanted revenge! "well I think the man that stole it lives on the top of that mountain" the nymph said mischievously "Ill take you to it".

When they got to the house Theros yelled "But that's my friend Harst's house, he wouldn't steal my boat"
"But i saw him doing it" the nymph croaked.
"HOW DEAR HE," yelled Theros "HOW DEAR MY OWN FRIEND STEAL MY BOAT" "THIS WILL SHOW HIM" he yelled and he called on the power of Hephaestus and the ground under Harst's house erupted like a volcano, Destroying the island and everything on it (and a number of other islands around it and it even Caused damage in Crete.)

This story shows that revenge is DEFINITELY Best served cold and if you lose your temper bad things can happen

By Thadeus Gillard
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